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Will ponder this myself as well, however, in the meantime, a prayer for the hungover:

"For I am a sinner in the hands of an angry god. Bloody Mary full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. Pray for me now and at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon. Amen." - Sterling Archer

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*walks to the "beer only" tent* *glares at this thread*


I used to like screwdrivers, until I vomited Tvarsky (sp). Gin and tonic is my usual go-to.

Or if we're talking non-alcoholic, I loves me some fruit punch.

vodka soda; on high cal days - ales; a good burgundy (the worth guessed, no real knowledge to rely upon). might have had one of them this evening.

Found the link

sfw, but you may want to turn the volume down just in case :)

v generous! will retain for several near futures.

(didn't that guy voice the son on dr katz professional therapist?)

oh, off to bed.


Single malt scotch


Party Pooper Punch in a tall class with a slice of lemon! :D


*ponders prayer*

Without any question  Captian morgan and diet coke, or if i can find some around a good quality apple pie moonshine

NA drinks would have to be coke zero

I so rarely drink these days.... which has been a big adjustment for a party gal. But when I do it's all about quality not quantity.

For me, at the moment, there is not much better than an expertly prepared Rittenhouse Manhattan.

A far cry from my Bacardi Breezer days.

If we're talking alcoholic drinks, I love centerba, Jägermeister, rakija etc. I'm a sucker for strong, rich, bitter flavour. I also love good red wine. I'm not a drinker anymore, though.


In general, it's coffee.


etoh = Frozen margarita or G&T

Non-etoh = coca cola or hot lemon tea with honey.

beer and whiskey, please.

but like most of you, i'm not much of a drinker any more.

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Appleton Dark Rum.

I rarely drink but when I do I like, single malt scotch, spiced rum or Jack.

Day to day - water, coffee

a good glass of wine...whether i crave white or red seems to mostly depend on the weather.

rye.  rye and ginger is my preferred mix...but rye and coke is good too.

Bourbon. IPA. Viognier, Riesling, or Zinfandel. I can definitely appreciate a good spicy Bloody Mary, but otherwise I eschew vodka.  A Dark & Stormy can be wonderful if the weather's right...

Now I want it to be summer.


Don't judge me!!

or sweet tea vodka with lemonade and a splash of soda in the summer.


Original Post by jules817:


Don't judge me!!

or sweet tea vodka with lemonade and a splash of soda in the summer.


*recalls Absolut Boston Arnold Palmers*... oh man!

Depends entirely on my mood. If I am required to maintain my dignity over a long night of revelry, I drink whiskey and water.

But just every once in a while, I have to make myself a really cold extra-dry Absolut martini.

First and foremost it would be tequila, but specifically good tequila.  Reposado at least, Anejo is better, and I have a preference for Don Julio or Cazadores.

And I do like a good manhattan or Grey Goose martini (w/two olives).

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