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whats the difference between sims 1, sims 2 and sims 3?

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I used to be addicted to Sims when it first came out yearrrrssss ago, but stopped playing it because my computer broke so i got rid of all the discs (arrghh regret)

Now Sims 3 has come out and I downloaded the iPhone version which has ignited a Sims craving within me.. I want to buy the computer version again but I'm wondering which one to get. There seem to be a lot of things you CAN'T do in Sims 3.

My fav things about Sims were building houses & decorating, especially having multiple floors, but on Sims 3 are all the houses bungalows? I also liked having lots of different families but apparently on Sims 3 you can only have one at a time..?

I'm contemplating buying an older version of Sims but I'm so confused about the pros and cons, has anyone played all 3? Which is best?


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No comment on two, three, or any expansions.  I'm a fan of the original Sims and never ran out of things to do on there.  I simply came by to say good luck finding the original Sims.  I've been looking for about seven months now. 

Ok so I only have 2 but I have all expansion but 1. I do recommend it because there are tons of addons for the game and its super cheap. You can get the games and expansion packs for $20 or less. I dont know much about the sims 3 except that you can do more with the sims personality. I think its pretty much just like the Sims 2 w. expansions all into 1. I would love to get it but my laptop will not support it at the moment. you can check out and see who on there has it. If you get the sims2 this site has great object and clothes you can download for free for your game. Good luck!

I'm an avid Sims player and the Sims 3 HANDS DOWN is the best version.

  • You can have multiple households.
  • You can have multiple floors and are not restricted to bungalows- you just have to click a button.The gameplay interface, as well as the building mode, is tripled in it's options and fun-ness.

I have plenty to say, but the main point is there is a reason why it's the Sims 3, not the Sims -3. They weren't exactly working backwards in the pursuit of producing newer, better games,

In the Sims 2 you can age and die.  I also noticed they got rid of the love bed, where the sims can get it on. lol. Not sure what happens in the 3rd one though.


P.s I'm sure if you wanted to purchase the original Sims game it could probably be located on Ebay or Amazon :)


Original Post by waley_bean:

In the Sims 2 you can age and die.  I also noticed they got rid of the love bed, where the sims can get it on. lol.

they can get it on in any double bed.  much better for sims with good taste.

i had one and two.  honestly, i found both pretty boring.  i loved building houses, but actually playing the game felt like babysitting.

I love the sims 2 hands down cause i love all the expansion packs. university and apartment life is my faves. I need freetime still. I will one day own sims 3. I was reading that there is a slight glitch in sims 3 w. random pregnancies. Like some one was movie a guy out of his parents house and he had his chick move in w. him and she was pregnant and it was his. But they hadnt done the deed. But other than that I think things are good Im sure a patch will be made soon for the game. I like the idea of the multiple personalities. I just need to up my ram and ill be good.

Ok, so I have been playing the Sims 2 for about 3 or 4 years.  I have about 10,000 custom items in my downloads folder.  While I enjoy some gameplay, I am really more of a builder. 

Here are some pics of houses I built with TS2:

Modern Cement & Glass

Gothic Moody - I built this one for my friend, moodymomma

Plantation House - the lot is so big I had to reorganize the album so its organized differently.  Just click on the rooms you wanna see on the left margin.

After Hours Chathouse - its not finished but pretty cool in its trashiness!

Most of the items of building materials and furnishings are custom items I downloaded FREE.  Yes, that's right, free.  TSR is no good unless you wanna pay EA Games even more.  I have better connections.  And yes, its all totally legal.  People have gotten so into this game that they have actually build modification applications (modding tools) to change the way the game operates and looks.

I have built hundreds of structures.  These are just some pics of my most recent ones.   Most of my custom content comes from MTS2 (Mod The Sims2).  Unlike the sims resource, this site's DLs are ALL FREE.  Some comes from other sites, also free.  I run all kinds of game hacks as well.  You can DL custom careers as well as tweak the simmies' personalities, memories, skills with a modding tool called SimPE.  You can also alter their height that way. 

People create so many custom items, lots and simmies that it can keep you busy for quite awhile.  There are limitations in the game but there are also many cheats to get around some of the limitations. 

Also, there is an artist on the site I linked for you who creates body shapes of women.  He goes by Worlokk.  He only does female body shapes but he has made about every body shape of women there is.  There are other artists who have created men's body shapes, like super skinny, athletic, slim body-builder and large body-builder.  There all kinds of custom skin tones and accessories for the simmies as well. 

My favorite building items creator is Numenor.  If you get a chance, look them up on MTS2.  You'll see what I'm talking about. 

My expansion packs:

  • Nightlife
  • Open for Business
  • University
  • Pets

My stuff pack:

  • Glamour Life

After I bought that I discovered the custom content available for FREE (unlike the sims resource), I quit buying stuff packs.  I had about 250k custom items & hacks running when I bought Pets.  Most of them would not work with that EP so I had to delete them all and go back and get the versions available for Pets.  You have to run the game with the disk of your lastest installed EP.  The item creators must test thier items with all EPs and list which ones are compatible for the item. 

I will probably not be getting TS3 because i have so much invested in TS2.  All my custom content - and there is so much available, cannot possibly be replaced.  The only diff I can see fromt he ads is that your sim can roam around the neighborhood on foot and visit biz and domestic locations in the neighborhood.  Not appealing enugh an idea to sway me from my game. 

If you have any more questions you can PM me or ask here.  I am pretty fluent in the game and with cheat codes & all.  I can direct you to pretty-much anything you want in TS2.  I hope you get it.  It's been years of fun for me and I STILL do it.  And no, I'm not a kid.  I'm 40.  Tongue out  But I am pretty good at it. 

sims 1--very very basic.  make a family and live their lives.  you cant really customize much of anything.

sims 2--i have all the expansion packs and basically sims 2 is much more customizable than sims 1.  also, the sims now have aspirations, hobbies, and lifetime goals.

sims 3--i havent played it yet, although i actually bought it the day it came out.  it wont install on my computer.  im getting a new laptop anyways so hopefully it'll work on that.   in sims 3 you are able to give the sims personality traits and the whole city ages regardless of which household you are playing.  ive read that there are a lot of glitches in the game.  Many people cant even get their game to work, some people's games crash randomly,  some people cant get their speed buttons to work or the story progression toggle for on/off.  A lot of people are also complaining about single sims randomly having babies and custom families being deleted from the neighborhood because the story progression decides to "move them out" of the neighborhood.    Apparently you are supposed to play the game "legacy style" with one family per neighborhood that you play forever.   You also cant create your own neighborhoods.   

^ Wow, thanks for the info on TS3.  It figures that EA Games/Maxis would leave all the beta testing to thier paying customers. 

Yea, I'll be sticking to TS2. 

I got the Sims 3 for my birthday (which was actually the release date) and I have put in a bunch of hours on it.  I think its fantastic.  Getting to choose the traits, having the people in the town age like you do, new folks showing up randomly and old folks moving out randomly, being able to explore the town....I think its great.  I also think it has left a lot of opportunities for expansion packs without sacrificing basic game play.  I haven't had any glitches or issues with my disc and it loaded just fine.  I do wish that they had included a nightclub or something in the town, since there really isn't anywhere for your Sim to go and relax and hang out with other Sims in a party atmosphere, but I'm assuming that they will be releasing an expansion pack dealing with that shortly.

I made a house of evil Sims in Sims 3 and they can troll forums! I can make little computer guys to troll when I'm too tired to do it myself.


Then you can even get replies for your trolling!


Be careful not to make them "insane" if you want to do the ol' favorite of burning your Sims to death. The insane ones carry fire extinguishers because they like playing with fire

Did they add creative are a life-path in TS3?  In TS2 they have popularity, fun, romance, money and knowledge.... so waht about creativity?  Did they get that?

SimPE is a free modder tool that allows you to tweak your simmies' personalites and memories, relationships, height, and many other things that Maxis left out of the game.  It allows you to make 'unbalanced' simmies.  You know how, when you are in Create a sim, you are given a limit on points for each character trait, like active/lazy, messy/neat,... this tool allows you to override those limitations.  You can make crazy sims with all kinds of interests and skills, memories,... check it out.  Here's a wiki on it. 

yeah they have those, but more amusing. My favorite is "Gold digger"-to be a wealthy widow

The differences in the Sims games are actually minimal in terms of gameplay. Graphically though they are quite different. I own every single Sims game (I still have Sims 1) and I have 11gigs of custom content for it and 10gigs of custom content for Sims 2. The Sims 1 is 2D while the Sims 2 and 3 are 3D. A huge change between 1 and 2 were that Sims aged, had memories, could get pregnant and have a baby (or twins+!). And then with all the expansion packs you eventually had college, weather, gardening, fishing... a bunch of cool things like that. The Sims 3 is pretty much exactly like Sims 2 except you live in a seamless living open world neighborhood. There are rabbit holes (ie you can't see into community buildings right now except for the gym). But as to be expected with any base game, it is quite limited but very fun.

In TS3 stuff is more detailed (like buying bubbles to make a bubble bath!) and going to work has some options to do while working (ie work harder, suck up to boss, hang with co-workers etc). There are also random opportunities that popup asking your sim to complete a task. When you complete the task you may be rewarded with items, recipes, skill ups or cash. Oh yeah, in Sims 3, you actually need ingredients to cook and you buy the recipes from the book store. =) It's pretty neat. In TS3 you get "traits" which essentially builds their personalities making each sim very unique.

You really can't compare each one as they have grown so much. Sims 3 is still new and is only the base and until it's on par expansion pack-wise with Sims 2 you can't really say if Sims 3 is worse or not.

I mean... my evil, klepto, moocher, smoozer, daredevil sim just finished stealing a neighbors PC, Car and desk lamp. :>

Well, I have also played all 3 games of sims as well as Bustin' Out for ps2.

By far, sims 2 was my favorite. So far it is the most realistic of the three(at least the way the actual sims look). Sims 3 is okay, but it is lacking some of the best things sims 2 had to offer, (Like the way it took away the changing table and bathe toddler!) IMHO. 

I had all the expansion packs and too many items of custom content (mostly from MTS2) to count as well as mods/patches to make it easier/harder.

I guess it's because the sims 3 is still new but it's harder to play. It takes longer to load, and the sims look... weird to me. (Plus it was expensive!) 


You lie. Sims 3 rocks. You can't make evil, pyro kleptomaniacs in Sims 2

Original Post by spirochete:

You lie. Sims 3 rocks. You can't make evil, pyro kleptomaniacs in Sims 2


Oh man... so much fun. >:D

i was just looking at the Sims 3 before i signed on here . . .  when i have the extra $$ it WILL be bought :D ha ha ha

The only thing that gets me about Sims 3 is that I have to wait like 10 minutes while my sim does things like while she's sleeping or at work.

I don't know if I like it that much.

Original Post by luhluhlovesongs:

The only thing that gets me about Sims 3 is that I have to wait like 10 minutes while my sim does things like while she's sleeping or at work.

I don't know if I like it that much.

I don't have this problem but I have a pretty powerful gaming PC. I read a fix for it right now is to make sure the games res is low and that your desktop is the same res to match it. Hopefully EA patches that. =/ Alot of people are complaining about that.

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