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Weird body temperature question . . .

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Hello everyone. I tried to Google an answer for this, but didn't come up with much, so I figured someone on here might know more than I do . . .

I was feeling sick all day today. I didn't feel like I had a fever, but I'm an elementary school teacher and constantly exposed, so I decided to take my temperature.

Here's the weird part: I took my temperature a total of 4 times (under the tongue and armpit) and my temp was 94.5 degrees (94.5, 94.4, 94.7, and 94.5 to be specific).

Umm, should I be concerned? Is this normal- within acceptable range? Any chance that my thermometer is just off?

And to answer a stupid question- yes, I'm cold. It's December :(

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Under the arm you are supposed to add a degree to equal your oral temp.  You should not be getting the same readings under the tongue as axillary. 

Get a new thermometer.

Yeah- I know that rule. The middle two temperatures were under the arm- and I already added a degree. They were originally 93.4 and 93.7 . . .

My thermometer is actually only about a month old (and used maybe twice?). . . I'll be pissed if its broken already . . .

Maybe you can buy a new thermometer or borrow someone's, just to be sure?

A temp in the 94s (or 93s) sounds like Hypothyroidism. Not sure what else causes that.

Hope it's just your thermometer.

Good Luck! And please update us!

I have a digital thermometer that really kinda needs to be warmed up before I use it to take a temperature.  I have to do it once on one side of the mouth, then again on the other.

You could always call your doc...

Sorry, that's all I have.

Its got to be your thermometer.  Those temp are bordering on hypothermia. anything between 97-99 degrees are normal limits

You can test your thermometer.  Fill a glass with ice, then fill the glass with half as much water.  (So that the water is halfway up the ice.)  Let it sit for a min or so, just to let the water get cold, then put the thermometer in and stir it around a bit.  (Don't let the thermomter touch the bottom or sides of the glass.)  It should read 32 degrees.  If it doesn't, the thermometer is off.

If the thermometer turns out to be OK, it might just be a viral infection, which can sometimes cause low temperatures instead of high ones. If you are feeling sick, trust that, stay home and get better.

I don't think most oral thermometers don't give readings as low as freezing.  I would suggest trying another thermometer. 

and I'm sure that you know this, but you also aren't supposed to eat or drink or anything like that for about 15-20 min before taking your temp.

Go to a doctor and get your thyroid checked. If it your thyroid it is not a big deal, you will take a pill a day and it will make you feel so much better and it will help you to lose weight more easily. 

i agree with natdem

that is my suggestion too

i am on synthroid (a synthetic thyroid)

but only because i had my thyroid removed in my early twenties

the thyroid regulates just about everything in the body

OK - here's an experience of mine with a new thermometer:

I forgot to take the protective cap off and got readings like that.  Also, make sure the thermometer has new batteries.

"the thyroid regulates just about everything in the body"

Actually it is the pituitary gland that controls the endocrines, including the thyroid, although the thyroid can fail independently of the pituitary.  My daughter has a rare but potentially serious disorder called Septo-Optic Dysplasia, where the pituitary is often not formed correctly, and even when it is, it doesn't function correctly. I found this thread because this morning her temperature is 93.7, and I suspect her SOD disorder to be the culprit but am trying to get more information(sorry for the background). I'd recommend checking your hypothalmus hormones, (spelling), and thyroid, both can be responsible for low body temperatures.  Short of having been submersed in excessively cold water and getting hypothermia, that would be my thought. If anyone has any other suggestions on this line of thought, either for the original poster or for me please let me know. I know her temperature is not normal, nor is my thermometer broken as seems to be the average response. :) 

Good luck, and I hope you feel better!


My temp always runs between 94.6 and 95.3, even when I am well.  It also runs that temp at the 3 doctor's office at my yearly checkups.  I do have thryoid disease and am on two different meds for it and have also had one side removed.  I didn't even think that could be the reason for the readings, for me it is just normal.

Hope you feel better 

Maybe you should take a rectal temp.  

Sounds like  a bad thermometer.  95 is very low.  My normal body temp. is 97.4 -and I've taken it many times over the years,  while healthy, at the doctor's, with a digital machine, etc.   - always the same, unless I'm sick.  It may be the reason I'm so cold natured? 

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