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Do you ever get weird/bad vibes from people?

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First impressions count right?  Last evening Hubby and I took our two year old daughter Lillian to a hot dog joint.  While Lillian and I were in line, the guy behind us started talking to me and my daughter.  He looked like a nice guy and spoke like a nice guy.  He was very friendly.  However, the whole conversation (lasting 20 seconds) I felt really bad energy/vibes coming from him.  It was making me almost sick.  Logically, there was nothing to indicate in those 20 seconds that something was wrong with this man.  But, inside I felt with every fiber in my being that he was off somehow.  Really really off.

I shook it off as a small bit of paranoia.  Maybe too much caffeine!  At least until the car ride home when my hubby brought up “some guy” he conversed with and got the creeps from when filling up drinks at the soda fountain.  When I told him about my experience in line we both were deeply troubled.  Maybe it was God.  Maybe it wasn’t God, but just the man’s energy.  Maybe Hubby and I are just making something out of nothing.  Who knows?

Has this happened to anyone else? 

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Original Post by pavlovcat:

 No.  I'm not saying everyone involved in occult activities is possessed.  But I do believe someone involved in that leaves themself much more open to demonic influences.  I also think there are people who aren't involved in any occult activities that, for whatever reason, attract the interest of demons.  I'm not judging them.  I had my own run in with a demon when I was 15.  He was not scary.  Quite intriguing actually.  But I chose God.  It was a pivotal moment in my life.

I know it sounds loony.  I really do understand how someone who didn't believe in God and Satan would think I'm a total freak.

Not loony per se - you are expressing something many of us have felt (good and/or bad vibes from people, certain people just being intrinsically terrible people, and consciously choosing a life of doing good in the world over one of doing evil or selfish things). The only difference is that you attribute these things to external forces (god, angels, demons, whatever). Dawkins might call you loony but I just see it as a lens through which to interpret your reality. Just because it's not my lens doesn't make it wrong, as long as you don't use it in an oppressive fashion.

When people speak religious emotion to me I try to focus on the emotion and the experience instead of the terms used, and see that the fundamentals are pretty omnipresent. This is why religious imagery often has a "gut" understandability and relatability - it ties into currents and themes of human emotion and experience. I just happen to think that the mythology was based on the human experience, not the other way around.

this is interesting:

In regards to people involved in 'occult' activities being more susceptable to evil energy or spirits or whatever....

Has anyone ever noticed that anyone who becomes possessed (in the movies, tv, art what have you...) has a Catholic priest they can call? Does that mean that catholic people are more susceptable?

The possessed people are not always Catholics themselves.  As I understand it, exorcism is still a recognized (to what extent these days, I don't know) practice, sanctioned by the church in Catholicism, whereas it is not in most other branches of Christianity... perhaps that's why they call the Catholic priest.

Good point! :)

I just thought it was sort of funny.

Hey everybody!First of all let me say,the only the reason I joined this site was so that I could post and tell you people that I totally understand this kind of experience !Like I was in a church once and this guy sitting in front of me had this had this evil look on his face and he just oozed bad vibes!I actually had a panic attack the whole time I was there!I also get these type of vibes from Places and even Odors!I would say that even though some people do eminate good or bad vibes,sometimes these feelings are just OUR perceptions and unlike crazineko's experience,are not shared by others and do not bear any indication of the true nature of someone or something. 

Absolutely.  I trust my first/gut feelings.  There's a new driver at work - he creeps all the females out.  I stay away from him if at all possible.

There's a dude at work now that I'm convinced will someday be revealed to be a serial killer.  He's never done a thing wrong, he's just a bit odd, but the second I met him I was like, "One day I'll be watching the news and will see your picture in the corner of the screen as one of your neighbors talks about how you were a quiet guy who kept to himself and they never would've suspected anything if it weren't for the smell."

I am glad someone woke this thread up. I know someone already posted about it, but Gavin DeBecker's Gift of Fear is awesome.

Although I am embarrassed that I felt it necessary that for a book to confirm what I always suspected: we (especially women) have an innate ability to sense danger.  

There are many times that feeling has crept into my gut, and a couple of times I think it saved me from getting a beat down or worse.

Women (some) are so quick to please and not offend that they ignore those warning signals.

Crazineko: It's because of incongruence.

People communicate with a lot more than just pure words. It's easy to see that in a place like CC where gesture and nuance get lost because we only have text.

When we're up close and personal with someone, we use a lot more information than we're even consciously aware of; inflection, micro-emotions, posture, muscle tension, pheromones... all things contribute to the conversation.

In 99% of the conversations we have, those extra layers all "line up" with what's being said. If you're flirting with someone, say, and joking around, the other person might smile... a real smile will include a minor squinting of the eyes. It's one of the ways we know the other person is genuine (well, not always, it can be faked, but in most cases).

When people's unspoken communications do NOT match their words, that's incongruence. It'll feel "weird" or "creepy". We'll get a "gut feeling" that the other person isn't telling the truth, or is hiding something, or has a hidden agenda. People sometimes become consciously aware of the thing that's wrong sometimes... "shifty eyed weasel" might be the way one describes someone who is unusually nervous while speaking, or someone with "cold, dead eyes" that betray no warmth or humor.

Original Post by honik:

I am glad someone woke this thread up. I know someone already posted about it, but Gavin DeBecker's Gift of Fear is awesome.

Although I am embarrassed that I felt it necessary that for a book to confirm what I always suspected: we (especially women) have an innate ability to sense danger.  

There are many times that feeling has crept into my gut, and a couple of times I think it saved me from getting a beat down or worse.

Women (some) are so quick to please and not offend that they ignore those warning signals.

Your welcome!Because of this thread,I went to Barnes&Noble yesterday and started reading that book and It offers some good advice and the importance of listening to hunches.Have yet to finish it,but so far 'm liking it.But why do people think that is just a women's thing?I'm a guy and have been able to pick up vibes since an early age.

i used to hang out in this coffee shop in seattle at the time it was the oldest coffee shop in town . It had lots of old school hippies, A black panther guy turned artist from the 60'S  and plenty of new agers, pot heads and people with "mental health differences". All in all a prety cool place to spend a few years. I'll never forget the espresso flot ice cream with hearshys chocholate or the 2inc thick peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

Any way the black panther gut took a shine to me for some reason and i learned a lot from him. Here are some of the things he said.

He was a Zen master. 

He could paint chinese caligraphy blindfolded.

And there are two kinds of people in the world. People that give energy and people who take energy.

He also said that every experience feeling and though a person has ever had is recorded in their soul and that an astute person can both see and feel this the instant they meet someone. However the caution was that this is an energy and a feeling and the exact interpretation is filtered by our own minds. This filtering which is inherant in the percieving often creates an observer's effect which can alter, limit or completly block the undersatanding og the other person. The best thing is to accept the Vibe  of the person without reallyt understanding it just to gat a clean unaldultered recording of who that person is. Then Sensing or understanding more about it can come later. Furter unobstucted sampeling might be necessary. 

After many years of practicing this i can tell weather a person is a dangerous or safe person the instant i meet them. Looks class race and just donjt matter.

Heres what i look for. 

! a good heart. People make a choice in life wether to care about others or wether to usae them for their own needs. Few decisions make a stronger impresion in a person. Some people try to hide their lack of good will but they cant . Not to the subtle eye. (God knows them, bee sure you know God.) 

Anger  we all have anger it doesnt mean a perso isnt safe it just means to avoid them at the time. 

I often pick up hitch hikers. I look for anger in the walk and the aura and even in the spine as i approch from my car, I can tell if a guy just been released from county jail and has to walk home. Angry strangers should be avoided. No i dont me overt anger that you can see. I mean the kind of anger that comes from angry thought and feelings  mulled over and over in the mind. Its subtel but it shows, Look for subtle ager.  Some dangerous people dont' show this kind of hurt emotional anger, they are different they show a dsdain for other this is also supressed but there. 

My mentor said' The first sign of disrespect and i can tell you that's a person who doesnt care about your life!" I think he was right people often try to patronise so they can feel you out  to see if you can be dominated or exploited. 

Particularly bad people  are those who have a whole other personality they are supressing. This can bee one of the hardest things to percive with subtle energy try not to project. if you come across one of thess people your instincts or spirity might warn you then again they migth not thees people have a way of supressing your higher abilities.

 The biggest giveaway here is that people are respectful in public or in front of other people but get alone or in their house and they try to controll be dominant or disrespectful. 

  So in sorth people who suck your energy out of you dont care about you

 people who feel wired probably are wierd 

 disrespectful people dont care about you 

and some people ares psycho.

 I would like to mention that most of this applies to how to feel out a stranger and while it applies to people you know as well that situation  has more exceptions and differenses invoived. a tenneager who cuses at you may still care about you etc. 

To conclude it is entirely possiable to tell the instant you meet someone weather thay are nice or mean you dont have to wait around for them to prove it. Its as plain as the nose on their face.!

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