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Wedding Reception Food Ideas

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Hello! I am getting married in less than two months and I am planning like crazy.

I want to have more than just cake and punch at my reception but I dont want a full on huge meal either.

Any of you have any ideas for a good more than just snack food but not full meal food for my reception? I was thinking maybe little sandwiches but I dont know. I wanted to get some more ideas.

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Such good ideas. I love apple cider!

As far as how many I cant even begin to guess. Its just a wedding reception where people show up is all. I suppose if I HAD to guess...maybe like 300 - 400 people filtering in and out?

Since its fall time, I like the pumpkin stuff idea. Also dips....I just love dips! :)

One of my colors is brown so I was thinking a chocolate fountain would be fun with all different kinds of foods.

Soup would be good too...really simple and it wouldnt go to waste if there was extra at the end because I LOVE soup!

And are you having it catered?

Original Post by amethystgirl:

And are you having it catered? least thats not the plan.

Will you have a better idea of how many people are going to show up closer to the date (will people be RSVPing)? I'm guessing most guests are local?

It's hard to imagine making food for 300-400 people (at least, to me it is), but I think you'd need to stick to basics - stuff that can be made in huge quantities. Mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, chili, soup...

Chocolate fountains are great, but it'll be expensive to get enough fruit (that's what people usually dip, right?) for everyone to have some.

Original Post by priceless7:

Original Post by amethystgirl:

And are you having it catered? least thats not the plan.

That could be difficult with 300-400 people....I would look into some catering options.

Well like I said...we arent going to be serving full meals, you know? So normally a wedding reception around this town would include a slice of cake and a cup of punch. And that would include around 300- 400 people, just showing up whenever they want between the hours of 7 - 9PM. So I kind of just wanted to go one step up from a slice of cake. but only one step :)

Yes most people are going to be local since my fiance and I are both from here.

You will need some really huge piles of food to feed that many people.  If you are doing it all yourself, keep it simple.  nothing with a lot of ingredients or has to be kept warm, no assembly required, etc.  If you get all creative it's going to be too much to handle.

What about veggie platters or olive/cheese/cracker type things?  Tapas or sushi sound good but I think would be too expensive or complicated for that many people.

A friend of mine makes these awesome roll ups (like sandwiches only rolled, then sliced into disc thingys)

They're perfect mini-sandwich food.  They freeze well for easy storage, they aren't hard to make, and they can still look like you've put a ton of effort in depending on how crazy you go with them and how many varieties you do... She tends to get really fancy with things she puts in.

I can't find anything exactly like hers, but these, these, and these are similar

bet you could find recipes easy or just experiment and make your own...

Edited to add that they're also really easy to make for a large group of people.

Original Post by april_bride:

I was at a wedding with a mashed potato buffet and it was GREATness. The idea of a baked potato bar, but with mashed potatoes instead. And they served the mashed potatoes in martini glasses then you were on your own to load them up at the buffet.

Lets people customize how healthy / un-healthy they want to get, and it's good winter food, and it's easy and filling without being over the top. It was very, very popular.

Also like the other ideas. Add in fruit and cheese plates too.

Was this wedding at a Hyatt?

I think if you want to go only one step up from a slice of cake, add a few platters of chocolate-dipped strawberries, or a few platters of cheese and olives.

you can always take tons and tons of loafs of bread and use a cookie cutter to cut it, and fill with whatever fillings you want. it's a more elegant way of having mini sandwiches, cheap and it's super easy!! 

if you had that with veggie platters and fresh cut fruit it would be wonderful!!

Original Post by killerqueen215:

I'm getting married in December and we're planning on having a dessert reception (which is just what it sounds like, all desserts).  I've heard of this working out really well for other couples...and I love dessert!!!

Yum!!! I <3 desserts!

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