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what do you wear to keep legs warm outside?

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I was thinking of getting some long underwear but I read that wool tights provide the same protection with less bulk. I've never worn either of these before, always just tried to fit another thinner pair of pants under other pants, it helps but not enough! I've seen mention of insulated tights, 'polypropylene' material, or even cycling tights. Any suggestions? I really hate numb thighs lol.

Actually what about for under a coat too? Something less bulky than my down filled vest?

btw this is to keep warm in general, if I'm just outside, walking somewhere or waiting for the bus - I don't do winter activities.

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They do sell very thin thermo long underwear. It can get expensive, but well worth it-- I've worn mine every day this week. The bottoms are more solid than tights but not much thicker.

Also helpful-- tall boots (not the thin leather kind.. those are freezing!) and a long coat. And keep the other parts of your body warm, too. Always wear a hat and gloves!

layers are suppose to help.  Also, pantyhose actually provide some warmth.

I like my nylon windbreaker material for keeping warmth in and cold out, but have some skiing thermo underwear, tops and bottoms also.

Most of our body heat escapes through our head, so you'll feel warmer if you wear a hat.

Gotta say, I'm a big fan of the long underwear. So cozy, so nice!

Tis perfect for me! Give& nbsp;it a go! 

Thanks for the tips, I also asked my friend in Finland lol...and yes I cover my head, I always buy coats with hoods, it really makes a difference.
Leggings! They sell them everywhere because they're fairly ' in style ' to wear beneath your babydoll tops or dresses nowaday. If you wear them under your normal jeans though it keeps you nice and toasty.

 You can get them anywhere target, kohls, or more upscale stores but they're all basically the same thing. Just leggings.  They aren't expensive or hard to find. =-P I <3 leggings  Be sure that you get them a tad smaller than you may normally. Try them on because want them to be a lil snug so they look good beneath your jeans. Not tight... just snug. They're made of cotten and spandex very comfortable. They come and different colors and such too. Just get a nutural black pair though for starters. You can count on the fact I'm wearing my leggings, if I'm wearing jeans in the winter. They make a huge difference. Seriously though they don't have to be made out of itchy wool.

Edit: oh and as a lil sidenote, if you wear leggings underarmor, and long sleeve shirt underarmor it looks like your wearing tights and its pretty funny lookin in the mirror. ;D fun times...
Like Link. =-P In the Legend of Zelda. Leggings are In! Sporting stores are great for Underarmor. Cheerleaders have the best tights.
SPANDEX!!!  I wear it under my pants like everyday in the winter
I used to wear knee socks, sometimes knee high boots, and a longer wool that would come down past my thighs. 

I personally found this to be great, b/c it kept me warm while outside, but when I went inside I could take my coat off and be was also easier to go to the bathroom :p, didn't have to struggle with tights and :)

Rd that's exactly what I do. Only on occasion to I wear full tights.

Wintersilks.  I just stocked up for this year.  Thin, warm and lightweight, plus they are silky so clothing doesn't bind or wear when next to them.  I'd freeze without them in the winter.  You could hang meat in my office.  Awesome stuff - they come in three weights and any lenth or style configuration you could want.  You have to hang them dry though to keep that silky feeling, but I don't mind.
I like lined wool pants. No worries about long underwear bunching up underneath. Otherwise, I've heard good things about smartwool products, and silk long johns (they aren't too bulky and you won't be embarrassed if you end up in the ER) ;-)

For feet I look for socks that have cashmere in them. Even a little cashmere goes a long way (100% cashmere is too expensive for socks!). Not bulky, but very warm!

For upper body, I like to wear cashmere sweaters. You can put something underneath them for an extra layer if necessary. But cashmere keeps you warm without a lot of bulk. Look for the heaviest cashmere you can find (none of the flimsy stuff), something that is body skimming, and stock up in white, black, and a color that flatters. They'll go with everything and will be well worth the price you spend. (a lot!) because you will be able to wear them for years and years.

I also keep warm in Jcrew cable knit wool turtle-necks - they come in a variety of colors.
I only where dresses, floor length so you can imagine how cold outside feels to me.  I actually where leggings though underneath in winter and it pretty much handles it fine.

recently a friend recommended this type of dual-layer fashion thermal legging that has a wool blending base layer and a sheer nylon top layer. the appearance looks the same as regular stockings but there's in fact thermal pants under! it's quite cool. i got mine and it worked pretty well. the brand is called Cusii and their website is

Zombie leg warmers, get with the trend people!

Dear Feral,

We've lost all circulation so yes we are cold. Leg warmers keep us warm and also keep our skin from falling off so we really need them.


Zombie One Knombie

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