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#1 Way To Make Your Girl/Boy Jealous!!!!

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ive been wondering about this for some reason =] hahaha


and i wanted to know what you guys think!!


for me... it would be... flirt with one of his best buds!!!! 

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i wouldnt want to make mine jealous! he's lovely :D

I have no idea why I'd want to make my fiancee jealous.

That's so.. high school. 

I want my boyfriend to think I'm hot.....  But I don't want him to be jelous.  There is a very fine line between jealousy and mistrust.  Wink
It's impossible to make my wife of 9 years jealous.  We both know no one else would take us at this point, so the cat would be out of the bag pretty early on. :D
My husband would be jealous if I got a better computer than him, but that's about it
Flirting with his best buddies doesnt sound like a good plan just sounds like something that may lead to some arguments, depending on how flirty you get. I mean seriously why would you want to stir up controversay in a relationship? Its best to let the trying to make someone jealous of you on the back burner. Just be yourself and if you are secure enough in your relationship you should know already that your bf cares and loves you and you really shouldnt need reassured by making him jealous.........
Um I wouldn't try to make my bf jealous so therefore I don't know the #1 way..

haha, ive just been wondering about it cuz me and my friends were talking about it


but every once in awhile, some girls like to make guys (general) jealous.


hmm... maybe i should reword the post.. not specifically making ur bf/gf jealous, but guys/girls overall! lol

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Purposely making someone else jealous is a pretty mean-spirited act, usually spawned out of a person's own insecurities.

So I try not to do it. 

I see this only backfiring.

Seriously, making a guy jealous? And then dealing with the backlash because now he's jealous?

This is a really dumb idea. No guy deserves to be treated by these kind of mindgames. Treat people INCLUDING MEN the way you want to be treated.

EDIT: Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. People are insecure in their relationship and/or you so make sure you know your theirs.

What type of person wants to make a man more insecure?  

this is just a bad idea all around.  my bf and i dealt with his jealousy problems for the first 6months of our relationship.  it's not fun and almost broke us up, which would be really sad because we're also best friends.  during this time i didn't do anything to make himfeel jealous ...he just had insecurity issues that i don't think either of us knew existed.  seriously, try to avoid jealous behavior it's damaging for everybody involved. 

If you are entertaining making your guy jelaous. Either, he has begun to take you fo granted which happens and might need get with the program and not neglect you or nothing is essentially wrong and you are just looking for reassurance or are bored and need to rock the boat a little bit for kicks!

Whatever your purpose is "Be Careful" Relatonships arent a math problem and sometimes 2+2 wont necessarily equal 4.

Be real if you guys arent as hot for each other as before, communicate. Game playing is what turns good people into jerks when your relationship ends and someone else has to deal with the baggage from the previous relationship.

i understand what you're saying sooji... i dont do it with boyfriends, but if im unattached...  For instance, there's this guy that im not dating, but we've hooked up a little a couple of times and hang out with a bunch of other people we know.  there is this other guy that is a new co-worker of his and i know that he is super jeaulous of his new co-worker..cuz he's a little cuter, plus new... co i might go talk to him or flirt with him a little bit, just for a little reaction.  yeahh its a little high school, but its also a little fun :) plus, like i said, im not attached.  If its a boyfriend, however, i dont do that because id hate it if he did things like that to me.
I think anything I do would make my  bf feel jealous. If I could cook better, clean better, dress better, take care of my son better....make more money than him. Jealousy isn't necessarily always about boys an girls. although he would get jealous if I talked to other guys too....... Hmmmm >>
wow..... some people really need to grow up.

If your intentionally making your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous, you seriously shouldn't be in a relationship. 

 nuff said.

what a stupid idea. not in a relationship??? doh.
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