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want to do something nice for my long-distance boyfriend

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Send crap though the mail. Letters, dog poo, anything. People love getting personal mail because you just don't receive it very much anymore.

My husband was in Australia for a year then across country for another year. I'm an expert on this

Well, don't record a sexy video and send it off, those always have a way of coming back to haunt people. :D

You might want to bake or cook him something (somewhat healthy of couse) that would keep enough to be mailed to him.   You could vacuum pack food to make it last longer.. even something like cookies or some kind of care package would be a nice surprise.  You know us guys and our stomachs.  :)

Depending on how far--- sending a map with the roadways connecting you and him bolded/highlighted. Then have lines coming off the main path connecting to pictures, stories, memories, etc.  Fold the map up and mail it to him.

You could probably think of something cute to write around the map about life-love journeys or distance.

I send my boyfriend postcards with lyrics from some of our favorite songs on them.  I got him into Jack Johnson and there's that one song that has some postcard reference so I liked that one the best.  I also send little treats and stuff, local candy he can't buy where he lives.  And since it's almost christmas time I'll be sending cookies and things.

Back when I was in a long distance relationship, I would randomly order pizza delivered to his house and have the pizza people write a little note from me and stick it inside. He was in he certainly appreciated this lol.

He loved that, it does get expensive...I did it every once in awhile and he never knew when.

And then for his b-day, I got him the chocolate pizza haha.

Letters are great though, I made a little scrapbook one time too and sent it to my ex on what all I have been up to and just pictures from hanging out with friends etc etc. He loved that.

I burned discs for him...since he was a hardcore music lover, to play in his car.

Just little things like that.

My boyfriend has been away for the Guard over a year. I've made cookies to send to him as well as chocolate chip peanutbutter blondies (which he loves).. Maybe make him something he likes? Just the time you put into it will mean a lot to him. I worked to make the cookies from scratch and altered a blondie recipe and it turned out really good. Or a little package with his favorite candies and some small stuff? My VDay gift for Mine was a package like that with an engraved zippo.

Original Post by kvalhion:

Well, don't record a sexy video and send it off, those always have a way of coming back to haunt people. :D

When I was stuck in LA for months, my wife did that for me, and it made my millenium. So long as your means of communication isn't compromised (like, say, in the military) then a ma'am-o-gram will ALWAYS be well received.

Outside of that... humans memory is best triggered by smells. If you have a favorite perfume or something you always wear that he would identify, write him a letter (maybe with some saucy pictures or a videotape or dvd) and add that scent to it.

Here's an idea:

For our first Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a book he knew I wanted to read.  He read it beforehand and annotated random passages that made him think about me/us.  The book was full of post-its with cute and loving comments!  He hates to read novels (much more romance novels), so I was very touched.

I would definitely send letters through regular mail, not e-mail.  It's much more personal.

Will the men here be honest please: do you really appreciate poetry and love notes and sentimental stuff, or are the women just projecting what they would like to get from their men?

I have been brought to tears by past bfs  throwing away birthday cards, christmas cards, cutesy "I wuv you" notes with bears that I sent them, and they are always bewildered by my response.

It depends what kind of guy he is obviously, but if he is as visual as most guys are, I think he may appreciate you sending a saucy (but classy, not nekkid) image clip to his phone.

Honest answer: affection is good, expressions of admiration and respect are also awesome... but Honey Dipped Cards of Ultimate Cuteness™ trigger a gag reflex which we try to cover up with a rictus grin and some reflexive eye rolling.

Equally honest answer: if you're ever presented with a choice of sending naked pics or a care-bear hugathon, go with the naked pics. Every time.

... oh, and re: saucy pics to phone - NO DUCK FACE. Duck face gives us a sad. Frown


I have had old ex's recall crap I gave them that I had forgotten about. One has shown me a drawing I scarcely recall drawing, another has recited paragraphs from letters I'd given him, and the one that died still had all of my correspondence in his possession (which was returned).

So yeah, it really must depend on the guy. But I certainly found that these "sentimental" tid bits had some kind of impact in my experience. I, on the other hand, tend to throw everything like that away when a relationship is terminated.

Is the duck face thing really so off-putting to guys? Is it because it looks comical, or what? I'm not saying it does anything for me, I'm just curious.

Duck face = try hard.

You have boobs. You don't need to try.

... that said, if the pic is saucy enough, we may be scarcely aware that you even have a face. Tongue out

I like the idea of sending things by post. maybe instead of something lovey-dovey I'll find a funny card to send and spray some of my perfume on it (would it even last?)

Hints of perfume will last for decades if inside an envelope, yes.

Naked pictures. Works every time.

Post him a lock of your pubic hair.

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