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I want to get away, I want to Chat away. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

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Well, we made it to Friday! Yay, us!

How y'all doing today?
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Hello frothy, hk, everyone.  Sorry for the delay, been lurking in journals.
I'm just so glad it's FRIDAY!

Finally! :D

This week is *OVER*!
Yay for Fridays!  Except for you poor souls that have to w**k this weekend!
Poor souls like... Dan Q. FrothBeast?
yah really me too TGIF!!!

Oh well the B#$% just walked in & I have journaling to get done. But I have intresting news about last nights inspection.

Ill be back when Im done
Yeah, like Dannyboy!  Anyone else gotta slave this weekend?
Well, I've got work to do at home, but.. like.. wedding work, not work work.
I have construction consultation to do for my mom this weekend and it includes a 4 hour drive round trip, but comes with dinner
Oh, oh oh!  You said "it"!  You said the word w**k!!! 

*Slaps hk with a wet noodle*
Ow! Hey! Eeeeeasy, Tiger!
We can say work in the chat now! :)
Bobbi, that doesn't sound too bad.  I mean, who can turn down free food from mom?
Why isn't it taboo anymore, hk?  And, I've never been called "Tiger" before; kinda like it!
SC is falling asleep at his desk.  This is not good.
Nope I never do!!

Im trying to work off my bill for my divorce lawyer, so the least I can do is lend some of my professional assistance while she is remodleing a property to make it into 2 apartments to rent

*smacks Scoots* Wake up

*inserts caffine IV into scoots arm*
does that feel better scoots?
Money is good, but I am wearing thin on this w#rking every day bull$hit
Oy.  Serious nod-offige.
Sorry. Was on the board.

Mostly, Tiger, because it felt like a joke that had stopped being funny and started getting boring. So... we killed it. :)
Sorry to chat & run, but I need to get the kids outa bed, talk to y'all later!
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