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I wanna Rock and Roll all night, and CHAT Everyday

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Morning all

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Just say yes to Catnip. Because my cats are too darned funny when they're high.

morning HK


ya my girlfriends cats are great on it... esp Patron. He likes it a little too much. We think he is an addict

*sends Patron to Catnip Anonymous*

* agrees that cats are hilarious when they are high on catnip*


Heya Amber!

morning amber

Good Morning!

How's the chat these days?



Good morning everybody.  Happy Tuesday.

We'll... I miss the chat days.

And Chat misses you.

morning all
Thank You!


*dons KISS makeup and 6" platform boots*

What's shakin', bacons?

*looks confused* Meagan isn't here.

Oh yeah, silly me.

What's shakin', humans?

Edit: Did anyone join the C-C teleconference thingie last night?  I didn't see the post about it until 5 minutes ago. :(

I completely conked out. I thought about it, but...

there was a cc teleconference??  teleconference is such a work thing.  don't turn cc into work :-p
*flops down on chat couch*
565 Replies (last)