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Vitamin E directly on your face from gel cap???

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I heard long ago that literally cutting the top of a vitamin E supplement and putting the goo on your face helps your skin---true??Or skin won't abosrb that make-up??Helped anyone??Curious...Thanks!

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even zombie skin has been known to react visciously allergic to the content of capsules that were meant for digesting...

I like tea tree oil. I use pads soaked in it from Desert Essence. It smells AWFUL though.

I'm still looking for a good acne-fighting facewash that doesn't dry my skin. Normal face washes work nicely... except I still break out.

I see my question wasn't answered when this thread was originally zombified a year ago. D:

If a zombie is a dead person back to life... what's a dead person back to life, then dead again and then back to life again?

Don't trust people with perfect skin. Their habits (99.9% of the cases) have nothing to do with why their skin is perfect. It's most likely genetics.


I know plenty of chain smoking, junk eating women who go to sleep with their make-u on, and who have perfect skin.

Also women with hormonal acne who spend thousands of $$ on skin creams, and have elaborate hour long skin treatments whose skin at best looks dull and lightly scarred.


Best thing for scars is time.

Best thing for lack of wrinkles is having parents who don't wrinkle, being happy, and using appropriate SPF all year round.

The rest is useless or make-believe.

Original Post by manicdieter:

I've heard this also....never tried it though.

My grandmother, that just passed away, was very young looking.  Her skin was always so smooth and she didnt have any visible wrinkles on her face.  I asked her what she uses on her face once.  She said Vaseline, regular Vaseline, every night.  She was a beautiful woman, I havent tried this yet but I think I will.  It could be that she just had good genes but I doubt it, she was in her mid 60s and looked much younger.

Might be worth a try?

omg if I were to put Vaseline on my face every night I would break out more than I do now!

Someone said use a good defoliant...OMG.. I hope they meant exfoliant! A defoliant is something that is sprayed on plants and trees to make the leaves fall off! LOL That will not do very well on our faces. I just thought I would correct that because you never ever know who may do exactly what they are advised to do.

a pharmacist told me that vitamin E was as good as those expensive scar treatments for scars. other than being messy, i don't imagine it would do any harm to put it on your face.

but a little oil goes a long way. when i have a soak in the tub (maybe once a month in winter), i put teaspoon or two of olive oil in the water and that's enough to make the skin of my whole body nice and soft.

I also want to mention that I have put vitamin E from a gelcap directly on my face several times. I haven't done it long enough to say whether it has improved my skin but I have done it long enough to tell you it didn't do any damage.

I would exfoliate the skin on my face in the evening and break open a couple of caps rubbing the oil all over my face. I would leave it on my face all night .Make sure you use cotton pillowcases that don't mean a lot to you. I never noticed any grease stains on my pillows but you wouldn't want your best pillowcases messed up. I do think I woke up with my skin feeling very smooth and soft, not oily like you would think. One of my favorites it an olive oil and sugar scrub on my face. I use a small amount of  sugar and olive oil, thats it, and scrub my face gently . Then I rinse with warm water and a splash of cool water to finish. Pat my face dry and my skin is soft, smooth and moisturized with no need for any other creams or moisturizers. I think it is one of the best things for your skin besides drinking plenty of water. And never had one pimple.

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Thanks for your input regarding the vitamin E gelcap. I like your olive oil and sugar scrub idea too! I think I'll try it tonight!

It works! But you should use vitamin E ampule (its not oily nor sticky) and apply it after you wash your face. If you have sensitive skin wash your face only with water (not too cold or too warm) and once in three days clean it with lotion. DON"T USE SOAP! If you have acne or breakouts use yeast. I know it sound odd, but it works. Drink 1/4 diluted yeast ( fresh one for baking bread) every morning and your face will be clean in a week. All these tips are from a dermatologist!

first of all you should determine what type of skin you have.  if you are in your twenties than all you need is to moisturize. feed your skin with water and vitamins. eat fruits and use vitamin E ampule ( they are not oily ) after you wash your face. don't scrub it every night, but every three days. If you find olive oil and sugar too oily use honey instead of olive oil.

vaseline is actually a good advise, but its for the ones who have very dry skin and they should usually out a slight amount on the driest areas before they go to bed. 


I love Vitamin E Oil.  I have 2 types - a 12,000 IU concentration and a 45,000 IU concentration.  The concentration is what makes the oil thicker and stickier (the lower concentration one may be mixed with other oils such as almond or soy oil).  

I've always had pretty good skin and have been using Vitamin E a few years and it's very moisturizing.  I am now 29 and have noticed a few fine lines around my eyes.  The past few days (due to it being holidays), I've  been getting enough rest and rather than using chemical-based products, I've switched to more natural / organic products.  I've used Nivea cold cream as my eye-cream in the past, but I've noticed that using the 12k IU Vitamin E oil on my face and the 45k IU Vitamin E oil around my eyes and lips has made a tremendous difference!  The skin has smoothened out and my eyes look like they did in my early 20s!  I wish I had taken before and after pictures.  I want to continue using this when I get back to work just to make sure the difference I am seeing is not just due to getting enough sleep.

So, I would highly recommend using Vitamin E oil.  That said, I do know people who breakout from using oils directly on their face and for them, I would suggest cleaning the face well first (perhaps getting a facial to get out any whiteheads or clear clogged pores) and then getting into a good skin care routine.  Hope this helps!

PS - If you want to avoid chemical-based products, I would advise against vaseline (although I agree it is very moisturizing).  See olatum_health_concerns.htm

does it help eliminate nasal labio lines and fine lines at 23 yearS?

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Hi there,

I have been cutting the top off of vitamin E for quite sometime and switch it up with olive oil every now and then.  I do not have oily skin which is why I can do this. If I have left over oil from the capsule I use it to moisuture my cuticles.   I think it helps keep me skin looking pretty good. I'm 42, my husband is 12 years younger than me and I keep getting ID when I go out.  I think this is an excellent way to moisturize without the cost associated with drugstore brands.  Good luck finding a beauty regime that works for you. 

I'll vitamin E all over your Mom's zombie face.

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I've heard how using vitamin E oil is good to use overnight, but not all over the face during the day, due to the weight of it, but yes - good for spot repairs.  I recently had a small cold too - and having obtained a dry nasal area thereafter, and without it on hand - used the oil from the gel caps too.  It worked just as well at moisturizing it, but I would consider other oils on a more regular basis....

I've used all natural Argan oil on my face for years now in the am and pm, and find it works great - it is another oil with a high amount of vitamin E.  It is best to put on after washing, for it to soak in the best. You can look up a lot of information for that one over the internet.

Since vitamin E also helps hair, I use the hair version of the argan oil, after washing my hair since I had brittle hair from coloring - and no longer have any breakage. 

I have also used coconut oil as oil treatments on my hair which helps - it is suggested to do once every week or two if you have damaged hair from perms or coloring.  I also use that one on my skin when I have really dry skin, but it does stay on a little more oily for a while until it soaks in completely - it is also best to put on moist skin for it to soak in best.

....a good place to go for some of these oils is any health store which carries all natural products.



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