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Vitamin E directly on your face from gel cap???

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I heard long ago that literally cutting the top of a vitamin E supplement and putting the goo on your face helps your skin---true??Or skin won't abosrb that make-up??Helped anyone??Curious...Thanks!

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I’ve heard that too but have never done it.  I would say better than the gel crap is to use something natural, if your skin is oily use a couple of strawberries, if your skin is dry use a chunk of papaya, get your fruit on a saucer and just mash it down with a fork then apply to your face, you can leave it on like a mask or wash off like a face wash.
I've heard this also....never tried it though.

My grandmother, that just passed away, was very young looking.  Her skin was always so smooth and she didnt have any visible wrinkles on her face.  I asked her what she uses on her face once.  She said Vaseline, regular Vaseline, every night.  She was a beautiful woman, I havent tried this yet but I think I will.  It could be that she just had good genes but I doubt it, she was in her mid 60s and looked much younger.

Might be worth a try?
I have had relatives that used vaseline on the face and other areas all the time and had great looking skin. I just cant stand that slimy oohie gooie stuff on my skin yuck it just grosses me out to know i would have to put it on my face YUCK
My medical terminology teacher told us last quarter that all shes ever used on her face was Dove soap and vaseline at night. She had beautiful skin. I never tried it because she was also a little crazy, but now that I hear that other people used vaseline, maybe I will. The only thing is wouldnt it clog your pores?

I tried the Vitamin E thing once. Mine was so sticky it was more like trying to spread rubber cement on my face, only stickier. It was hard to get off.

Take the capsules (they work better internally) and buy some vitamin E lotion. The best I've found is at the dollar store, comes in a big tub, and says "Vitamin E Lotion" on it.


yes, it works well. i've used it on things like broken skin, scars, etc.

never used it on my whole face, just spot treatment.
I used to do this all the time. I never noticed any huge improvement, but I heard that spot treatment works well. It was very thick and it didn't feel good when I had it on.

I have heard about Vaseline, but never tried it. Tyra Banks had an episode of her talk show where she took off her makeup and showed everyone her skin care technique. She gave every in her audience her number one skin care essential: Vaseline!
my mother always ingested them and had one on the counter with a pin so she could use it for spot treatments.
Thanks!Sounds like the vaseline is not a bad idea...wonder why it works.I put the E on my eyes and laugh lines.

Vitamin E is essential to your skin's health.  It is also an anti-oxidant.  Finally it is essential to the cell walls of every cell in your body.

That being said, it does not absorb easily through your skin.  It is a thousand times more effective to swallow the vit E pill than it is to rub it on your face.

If you want to put vitamin E on your face, use olive oil instead.  It is very high in vitamin E and also will moisturize your face.

Moisturizers are basically just oils.  You spread then on your skin and it hinders the loss of water through your skin (oil floats on water, oil doesn't evaporate easily, water stays trapped between your skin and the oil, thus moisturizing your skin).  Moisturizing creams don't actually ADD moisture to your skin, but they do hinder the loss.

Vitamin E is an oil.  Vaseline is an oil.  Most moisturizing creams are just petroleum jelly or vegetable oils with a few emulsifiers to make it spread easily, plus a few "special ingredients" such as essential oils to make it smell nice.  Vaseline is pure petroleum jelly.

Stay away from moisturizers, vitamin E and Vaseline on your skin if you have acne.  Pimples are caused by anaerobic bacteria in your skin's pores.  Anaerobic means that they can't live in oxygen.  Spreading oils on your skin will not only keep the water in next to your skin, but it will also keep the air out, thus creating an anaerobic environment in which these bacteria thrive.

So swallow the vitamin E, spread the Vaseline, and save a fortune on cosmetics.

I would also recommend a good defoliant, especially if you suffer from acne or blackheads.  Defoiliants basically help remove the top layer of dead skin, which makes your skin look healthier and "younger".  It also helps to open up those pores, allowing oxygen in to kill the anaerobic bacteria.

Well thanks for that i dont get pimples(knocks on wood) but i have heard olive oil as well...yes let's save the money!
i've put vitamin e oil on my face right from the capsules. i have some bad acne scarring and i can honestly say that it made a noticeable difference the FIRST time i did it! i spread it over my whole face (used about 4 pills) left it on for about an hour, washed my face once (my face was still a little bit sticky afterwards, not bad, but i figured that was better than scrubbing off all that good oil that was helping my skin!). The scars looked less noticeable and my skin was smoother and had a glow to it. Try it for yourself! 
heard about it, yes........ my boyfriend did it to help heal a scar on his face and it worked VERY well.

I'd try it for sure!  Won't hurt!

i use a vitamin e oil on my face overnight but only use it after a chemical peel. i have a vitamin e moisturizer that is excellent for skin and i found my skin shows significant changes in the month i've used. however, i agree that you should ingest vitamin e as well.

If my skin is messed up I'll bite open a Vitamin A&D capsule and put it on. Vitamin E would work too as long as it's OIL. You don't want to overuse it because too much of anything is not good, but those oils really promote skin healing. I've had a nasty cold this week so my nose and lips were really chapped and sore, and I put vitamin A on them two nights in a row just before I went to bed, and all the chapping went away.

What is a good defoiliant product? Some sort of wash and a scrub, right? What's a good wash (I battle acne)?


yeah i did a couple of times, but i wasn't really sure what i was doing. in the winter time my husband never uses hand lotion and as a result the skin on the back of his hands get so dry they crack and sometimes bleed. one winter it was so bad that he was scratching and hurting, he tried some lotion, but it stinged so bad that he had to wash it off. so i went to the medicine cabinet to find some "sensitive" lotion but decided to make a concoction instead.

i cut open and squeezed out the goo of about 15-20 of the Vitamin E gel caps. and then i cut off a leaf of my aloe plant and squeezed out the goo from the leaf. i mixed the goop together and smeared it on the back of his hands and then put latex gloves on his hands so it wouldn't rub off onto things and make a mess. when it was time for bed i told him to put on some mittens and wear them to sleep. in the morning when he woke up and took off the mittens and latex gloves he was astonished that his hands were no longer dry, and itchy. we did this 1 more night, and his hands were completely healed.

now he knows to occasionally lube up with hand lotion during our long winters up here in wisconsin... but every now and again he forgets and i have to make that concoction for him.... but it always works like a charm.

i'm going to try the vaseline on my face tonight.  i use if for my lips before i go to bed and wake up with them feeling really good.  I'll try it on my neck and chest since I am seeing lines forming from oversun exposure.  my mother in law slathers it on her legs and swears by it.  just messy.  and it doesn't smell very good either.

I use vaseline around my eyes, mouth and on my lips.  My skin isn't prone to breakouts so i have had no issues.  I tend to do this more in the winter months when the heater is on in the house.  I also use vaseline on my knees, heels and elbows.  My husband thinks I have awesome elbows, i think he is a little weird, but whatever works

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Original Post by briwill:

I heard long ago that literally cutting the top of a vitamin E supplement and putting the goo on your face helps your skin---true??Or skin won't abosrb that make-up??Helped anyone??Curious...Thanks!

yes i swear by god that putting vitamin A directly helps, for eg i was having bad nails , doctor said it is vitamin A deficiency, he gave me 7 injection of vitamin A, to put daily one, doctor use to give me injection on my back bump, belive me my bump become so smooth that i use to touch my bumb daily to check how smooth it become, and also after one month my nails become good. so i think if we apply vitamin A direclty to our face it should work.

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