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Has anyone gone to the Lands End website and used their 'virtual model'?  You create a virtual model using your body measurements, height, weight, age, etc.  Its kind of interesting (to see yourself) - I also noticed that, depending on what I was trying on - the sizes they recommended for my body shape really varied.
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Oh my... that was scary... that just motivated me even more... haha.
Very Very Scary!!! The only thing is I have got lot's of rolls. And if they were able to put them in, it would have been deadly.
Cool tool... I changed my measurements to see what I would look like if I lost a few inches here and there.
I thought it was kind of funny trying out the different "hair styles"....
what an awesome time waster! i was going to get my hair cut this month, now i can kind of see what i'll look like. thanks.
I did one of these back when the site didn't make you register and just did the model right there. I put my current model side by side with my goal weight and printed it out to put in my journal. Can't wait until I get to that size!
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I'm gonna look hot when I get down to my goal weight!
that was a sad scary thing, is that really what I look like in my undies?  Woo I need to go work out!
I have used it before but they have really improved the site since last time -- my cousin works for Lands end so I have quite a bit of clothes form there.  It was really cool to see how much the virtual models changes from where I was to where I am to where I want to be :)
that is.... awesome! thanks for the site!
*sigh* i'm to fat to use it. :(
That was cool. But it made me look not too bad. All smooth ... no rolls. gives you a lot more choices as far as height and weight....
ahh this thing is addictive
Oh my goddess!  This is hilarious!  Now if only they could put the cellulite on my thighs.  LOL
definitely try the glamour link, obsidyan - I got that one up much higher than land's end.
LOL it has me ordering in Womens sizes. Wanted me to get a dress in a Womans 20. I know it's because my bust throws off all the measurements but something that size would swallow me whole I think. I've got a silk dress hanging in my closet that's a Medium and it fits me perfectly.

I can't order anything out of a catalog. I have to try dresses on to make sure they aren't too big at the neck, fit at the bust and aren't too big everywhere else. It's a challenge!

It was fun though, even if they couldn't make my model as busty as me :P
Hunny - try the gamour site - it has a lot more flexibility....
Hate to break it to you but the two sites are the same program -- in fact i used my log in from lands end to access the model at the glamour site and up popped my model :)
tried the glamour link.. it worked but all they had were swiming suits.. unless i missed something.. oh well. 
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