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Has anyone else on here heard of vanity sizes?
If you haven't - its when a company makes a smaller size bigger.
Like with Banana Rep the 4 from two years ago is now their 0.

I think its silly to make a size bigger just so more people can say I'm a 2! WHy can't people deal with the size they are?

Anyone else have an opinion on it?
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This messes me up 'cause if you go from brand to have no idea what size you really are!

They are simply feeding into what most people seem to want.  I remember someone telling me recently that they were a size 4 and I thought, no way!  A 6-8 maybe, but not a 4.  Obviously it was this sort of thing though.. she got her clothes from a company in which a 4 was really an 8! :o)

I'm not happy with my size simply because I know this isn't healthy for me.  I could give a crap what anyone else thinks.  My size doesn't define me.
I went to a store while visiting  with my aunt. Now my aunt was always tiny but she had gain weight and was probably at 10-12, close to what I'm . I'm looking at sizes in this store going why are we in here? My aunt had them back ordering an outfit she had seen in her mag/catalog. Nothing in this store was over a size 6 I think. Well anyways we leave the store and I ask my aunt and she told me that their size 0 was like a 4 and a 6 was a and so on. It didn't make sense to me either. I want to walk into  store and if I'm a 16 I want a 16. If it says size 10 , my butt is still a 16, and your not going to get anyone to believe you anyways.
Yes!  When I was young and thin, back in prehistoric times, I was a size 8 and that was considered very small.  I had a 22" waist.  Now a size 8 is much larger. 

If we, as women didn't like to brag about how small our clothing size is, they wouldn't do it.  I'd love to see women's pants, for instance, sold by waist, hip and inseam measurment.  Maybe then I could find something that actually fits.
Yep - went with the same friend shopping today and she was trying on 8's, so I think it was just the store she was shopping at that had the 4's.  Makes it crazy to know from store to store what the heck sizes to get. 
I hate that! Now when I go shopping I have to try on several sizes cause I have no idea what size I am for that particular style / store. I wish they'd just measure in inches or at least that there'd be a common size chart between stores/ brands
It's not the vanity sizing that bothers me, it's the lack of a standard!  I have no idea what size I am anymore!!

In some stores I'm a 9 in some an 8 or 7.   The other day I went to Reitmans and bought a pair of jeans in a size 3!!!  I was laughing so hard, that I turned to the saleswoman and said "Geez you guys are into vanity sizing like crazy!"

She asked me If I needed a smaller size!
hate them. I'm a 2 at banana republic; I am NOT a 2!
I hate it when they do that because then people who're narrow like me can't even find our sizes because they don't exist anymore other than in the children's section!!! Because typically I'll be their size one or zero that they had before and then when they make sizes bigger that means that there's absolutely nothing there 4 me and others like me then. It sux... *pouts*
I wouldn't mind it a bit if I suddenly became a size four on the label. As long as all stores adopt the complimentary sizing I"m fine with it. : D
I often can't find things that fit me because of vanity sizing.
i never look at the tags. i just pick it up and stretch it across the widest part...doesnt stretch....i look at the tag and go a size up or vice versa.

different cuts of things lay differently anyway even within designers standards. they can cut stuff to fit tightly...
well tight is not my thing so i go up a size anyway on stuff cut like that.
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I have a pair of Banana Republic jeans that are a 00. It's just a nice mental buzz, even though almost every other pair from every other store is a 2 and I know 00 is ridiculous. That's not a number! When I hear 0 and 00 I think very young babies.

Though it does make me wonder how really small people would fare at BR if someone with my hips can fit comfortably into their smallest size.
better than going the opposite, expecting the size 0 people to shrink even more.
One shop here does it the wrong way!

If you get petite clothes from M&S all the sizes are teeny! I'm a UK 16, and i had to buy a UK 21 from them! It made me feel really horrible about myself.
Aargh Minbin I was just thinking that about M&S - thinking my diet was going well I went to try on yesterday and was horrified I couldn't get into an 18 there!!!

At my old company there was a story of a famous UK celebrity who when filming their adverts REFUSED to wear size 14 dresses (even though that was her size).

The ad agency had to buy two versions of her dresses and swap the size labels or she wouldn't do it!
My 16's are feeling loose now, but i don't want to try on a 14 incase they don't fit hehe. I get my trousers from Matalan, they are the only place i found that does a 27" leg! And they're cheap ;) great for us dieters
I just wish I knew what size I am in each store. Like a hollister 5 is the same as an ae 0 - I was a zero a year ago - not now! what the heck! and the same company - Abercrombie and Fitch (they own Hollister just in case anyone wondered) - I'm a 2! It's so stupid.

Someone should make a size chart for every brand of clothing.
It would be nice to walk into a store and find a pair of jeans without trying on a million different sizes.
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Yes, and even within the same brand, the size varies with cut. Being very lazy, I never try on my clothes before buying them---I use my handspan & other methods of determining if something will fit (terrible, I know!). Sometimes, a certain cut fits me in small, but for another cut, I need a medium size. grrrr..........
Oh.. here is my story.  I fit nicely in a size 8 because I am an apple.  Recently, I went to a clothing store and dug through the ugly jeans rack to see if I can find some transition pants.  Some of my older ones are starting to slide off since I like to buy larger size pants for comfort.  I found this pair of really cute patchwork DKNY jeans that's low rise.  The tag says size 10 and it has been reduced to around 10 dollars.  I went to try it on since it's so cheap.  It almost buttoned.  So I said to myself "This is like a size 6 or a 7 at best, but why in the world is it marked size 10?"  But then it dawned on me, this is the reason why it has been marked down so many times.  Every size 10 will try it on and go "It doesn't fit!  Next!" and every size 6 would go "There is no way I am trying on a size 10."

I ended up buying the jeans for $10.99 since I am so close to buttoning and using it motivation.  Hehe.
i have 2 size 1 pants.  one pair is waaay smaller than the other.  sometimes im a size 1 and sometimes a size 4, and sometimes im a xs and sometimes a large. its all messed up.  why cant clothing all come in a standard clothing sizing?
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