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It's spring, that time of year when a young mans thoughts turn to ... summer vacation.

This is a general vacation thread.  Please fill it with your tips, ideas and plans.


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I live in vacation land, so I don't take 'em.

Tip for all you folks traveling down here though: gratuity is 20% for servers. ;)

Original Post by kathygator:

I live in vacation land, so I don't take 'em.

Tip for all you folks traveling down here though: gratuity is 20% for servers. ;)

Pfft.  Says who?

15% minimum.

Whoa!  The standard is changing by the minute! :D

The cultural institutionalization of tipping is detrimental to society as a whole.  People should just get paid salaries.

Indeed, but till then, tip your server, dude. ;P

Heh.  I do 15% for average service; 20%+ for better service.

Knew a guy that went by the rule that the waitstaff would get $1 for every time they came to the table.  Even I'm not that bad.

That's the problem with tipping -- There's no enforcement or etched-in-stone standard.  The only consequence of undertipping would seem to be people sticking their noses up at you...unless you frequent the same restaurant... :D


To quote an old hairy scholar you may know:

Know where you're going, when you're going and for how long.




(Or something like that.)

Oh no... I assure you... tipping is a good system.  I waited tables for a long time.  And let me tell you... no one.. NO ONE.. absolutely no one is going to put up with the crap servers have to put up with without the incentive of gratuity.  If I get 10$ an hour whether I give you good service or not - well kissing up and making you feel like you aren't the unreasonable and demanding guest that you probably are really just doesn't have the same incentive.

And the real reason your food is taking to long?  (drumroll please....)

Because its being COOKED and we can't serve it to you raw....

People who don't like the tipping system always have the option of McDonald's or Panera Bread!



Oh yeah... but on the vacation note..

Outer Banks, here I come!!


How about New Mexico?

Is there anything fun to do in New Mexico?

If you are into crusing , there are some crazy good deals right now for september, Wife and I are booking a 4 night eastern carribian for 169 pp .

Renting a house on the shores of Norris Lake, TN the end of July.  Nothing better than having your boat in your backyard able to go for a cruise anytime of the day.  Find a nice isolated cove, drop anchor, turn on the music and pop some beers while floating in the water. 

this is a mulitple times a week activity for us, we are lucky enough that my parents live on a large lake and we keep our boat docked there year round, nothing like a little hydrotheropy to smooth out your day

For me, if I am hiking, biking, or kayaking then I am happy.


Original Post by jbrhode:

Oh yeah... but on the vacation note..

Outer Banks, here I come!!


Me too!  Where do you go?

Oh, the Outer Banks. Went last year and loved it. Wish I was going again this year.

Love Outer Banks (Kill Devil Hills area), but it's getting too busy and built up. Last time we went to the beach, we went to Ocean Isle, about 60 miles or so north of Myrtle Beach. That was a nice beach and island. Reminds me of how OBX used to be 20+ years ago. Very laid back.

This year we're going to the SW area of Colorado; around the 4 corners area. I've never been and I'm looking forward to it. I hope to go to Arches (but it will be about a 4 hour car ride, one way, and some others are waffling on the distance, but I wanna!), Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, mountain hiking.

While most Canadians vacation south in the winter I choose to wait until the summer....I go to Cuba every August or September and LOVE it. The resorts are emptier except for those from South America and Spain who are on their summer vacations. It's pretty much guaranteed perfect weather and I love the Cuban beaches and the Cuban people we've been going there so long those working at the resort we go to know our names and have taken us around the island.

Other than that vacation is not allowed in the summer because we spend our spare time in our fishing boat filling in hopes that we fill our freezer with fish.

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