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Valentine's Day is almost here and it's the first time I've ever had a boyfriend to share it with.  But....I have no clue what to do!  I know it doesn't matter what you do to express your affection for someone, but I'd like to do something special.  So I wonder what you all are doing/ have done in the past.  And do guys really like the romantic gestures as much as we women do?

Oh, I'm also a grad student (ie, broke) so I can't really afford something like a hot air balloon trip for two...

Thanks for your help! =)
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thats exactly me too..well not not a student any more...but i have no idea what to do :D
Romance doesn't cost money. :)

What does he like, jades? DOes he like eating at restaurants? Clubbing? Does he have a sense of humor? Does he like flowers?

You don't need to go way over the top, just try to help plan a phenomenally awesome date :)
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hkellick--he's amazing =)

he loves to eat and he has a great sense of humor.  he's kind of a techie geek too. he also likes working out, but he has the school gym to go to.  i was thinking of writing him a poem or letter and sticking it in his car so he sees it before work...but beyond that i have no clue what to do.

he's doesn't like flowers, but i recently introduced him to wine and he loves the maybe dinner and wine?  I don't know, that just seems like something everyone does (but then again, it is a great idea).  hmm...
my boyfriend and i have always done something special, for the last 3 (this will be the 4th) valentines days. and we were in college all 3.

most of the time i had school things on v-day weekend, so i wouldn't get to see him. so.... we would stay up until midnight and give each other our treats so that we were not only able to celebrate together on v-day, we were the first in the area to do it!!!

i made him a treat basket one year. i took a $1 basket from wal-mart and filled it with candies, pictures of us, poems or quotes i put on pretty paper, and a picture frame. you can find most of that stuff for low at a dollar store. that year he hand dipped strawberries in dark chocolate (i was on a diet). he even kept the nutritional information for the chocolate so i could know what i was eating.

last year, i gave him a key to my place on an engraved key chain. he gave me paints (i was really into painting then).

it doesn't have to be expensive. a walk in the park, a cute homemade i-owe-you booklet, whatever you can swing.
So what if it's something everyone does? Make it SPECIFICALLY yours?

Techie Geek, hmm? You could work with that. Send him e-cards or something. Hee. Look for e-cards with R2D2 or something suitably amusing like that.

Work with it, make it your own. You can turn something as 'overdone' as dinner and wine into something special. Use your imagination :)
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Oooh...i like the basket idea!  He's on a no chocolates for him, but I could fill it with music and movies that I burned

ha, R2D2...reminds me of the commercial for a guy's birthday with Chewbacca in it
I'd also like to point out that buying him a present, the kind YOU wear, can go a long way towards making it a.. memorable valentine's day ;D
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or NOT wear ;P hehe 
hahah, i agree with hkellick....that was my big splurge item the year with the basket.... i'll be honest....and when i brought in the basket wearing the other gift, he didn't notice the basket.
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