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Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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Anyone from here?  Anyone been here?

It is a great beautiful place.
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I am glad to hear that you know you got to go over the bridge to be in the Upper Peninsula  :)   Wasn't the holes that Mike Rowe had to go into to get to the bottom to paint awfully small?  I would of freaked out I am sure, being confined to such a small space and it getting smaller  the deeper you went.  ugh It was interesting thou.

I actually just learned what a troll is here on the internet, sorry for any confusion, I just will call you a local michigander.  :)  that is nicer anyways right :)    I don't know where Holland is.   That sucks you get sick on the boats too.  My DH isn't very nice when we go over the bridge, he knows i hate it and i ask him everytime to go slow and not to pass anyone and not to go on the grates, but guess what he does ........ yep he purposely passes people and goes on the damn grates, i hate that so much, it scares me and you can feel your car swerving when you are on the grates.  shame on him.  of course he is laughing the whole time.  lol 
oh so that is what those metal things are that I drove on! It was so scary.

Especially when we learned that earlier that week someones car had drove off the bride, well not drove, but you know was blown off by the wind! eeek.

It is an 8 hour drive from where I am though, so I had to keep on keeping on.

Have you been to Petoskey? It is in the LP and is a very pretty town. It surrounds a bay!

no i haven't been to Petoskey.  i would like to go somewhere on a lake that has a cabin/cottage for rent.  Do you know of any down that way??  
I'm sure there are some in Petoskey, that is about 2 hours away from the bridge, towards lake Michigan.

There are TONS of cottages on the lake here in Holland. We are a touristy town of sorts. In Grand Haven & Muskegon there are also a lot of Cottages on the lake for rent (big bucks!)
i crossed the bridge once, two years ago to go to a casino (?? i think??) . I don't like casinos, so it wasn't my fav trip. I have family in Cheboygan, thats the closest I have really come.  I am stuck down in the Metro D area.

I live in the heart of the UP Escanaba.

Dirty Jobs did a show on Macinac Island too. Mike Rowe cleaned up horse poo and helped at the compost station. It was pretty funny.

Crossing the bridge is cool. It's weird, but cool. I'd like to go up there over labor day weekend when they let people walk across. That'd be a long drive for me just to walk across a bridge, but it'd be fun to experience it.

I live in the EUP, across the river from Canada.

zombie yoopers.

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Not zombie post. It just takes that long to find another one from UP.

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