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I spilled some Steel cut oats on the floor this morning most landed on the rug took it outside and shook them off then thought - hmm wonder if the uncooked oats might be bad for birds.  I have dove and other birds all over the yard and I know you aren't suppose to throw rice anymore at weddings and now I'm wondering if those few uncooked oats might not be the best for a bird too.

Sure hope I don't hurt them.  

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The birds will be "regular" visitors.

Original Post by buggyhair:

The birds will be "regular" visitors.

Just as long as they don't "regularly" leave the evidence on my car its good!!!

You know what they say? Shi_ happens.

Birds exploding from eating rice is a myth.  Probably started by some clergy person because they didn't want to clean up the mess any more.
Some wild birds live rice fields and no one every reported them exploding.
I am pretty sure that birds eat oats as well and never heard of one exploding.

Your feather friends will probably be back looking for more treats.

or maybe you just fed the local rats ;-P

Luckily I've not seen rodents - do see Javelina's but they are a 'rooter' - but still an unwelcomed 'rat" of sorts 

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