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Anyone else out here turning 40 this year like me?  I enjoyed my 30's so much and was proud that I was aging with such good grace and good humor that it is closing in...I am not so sure.  I notice in the mirror those lines on my face and the greys in my hair and I just want to be a young woman and stop the process!  Did anyone else have issues around this time.  I think that is why I am trying to get in shape and be the healthiest I can be - what else can you do? 
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Hey all...I'll be the BIG 4-0 in April!  My girlfriend and husband are throwing me a big party.  I didn't want a surprise party, but wanted to go out and celebrate!  We've got a DJ and great company. Can't wait.  My 30s were great and right now I'm in the best shape ever.  It'll be so much fun!  Hey I come!

Hubby and I saw Elton at Ceasar's in October... It was so worth the money and I would go see the same show..again and again!! He was awsome...He was also very funny!!! I love Ceasars palace BTW.. they have a little open nightcub near one of the Casino's bars called the Barge!! They have live music and the dance floor is actually a floating barge!!  Also Caesars has great restaraunts I love the Mesa Grill!
I am laughing out loud Rainbow - I am very into community volunteering and am the Social Director of my league - I am thinking that hall parties and Strippercise wouldn't mix??!!  I thought of having my Woman's group (named Woman of Wisdom..or WOW if you prefer) go to a class like that just for fun - but again - might not be such a great idea in the long run!!  I think I will organize a Pottery Class instead! 
Kitty - Hubby and I have been to the Barge- it's tons of fun!  Ceasars ins constantly remodeling - but always bigger and better!  It's one of our favorite down town spots:)  We love the Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay too - mainly because it has such a great view of the entire strip! Drinks up there certainly set you back at 12 bucks a pop!

I have no idea what I'm going to wear to the concert yet - but I can't wait to try on new clothes!

Btw - my 8yo is going on a field trip tomorrow to the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay - pretty funny when you're kids go to a Casino for a field trip.... ahhh- living in Vegas:)
MySky... I know we live in Reno... But I just love Vegas... and Ceasars has become one of my favorite places... (aside from the sky high drink prices) I am going to have to check out the Foundation Room in Madalay bay.  Next October we have friends and Family coming fron Italy and we are going to stay a few nights in Vegas so I will have to remember that!! 

Have fun shopping for new clothes!!
Hello all-

I'll be turning 40 in July.  What a small world, huh?  My goals before then are to quit smoking and gain ten pounds so I don't have a nervous breakdown.

30 wasn't too bad, but 35...that was rough.  Ran into a woman in a bar who talked about being over 35, married, had a boy toy and a girlfriend (in every sense of the word).  She was just so positive about knowing what she wanted that turning 35 was made a little easier for me.

40?  I'm just trying to be preventative here.  Two gray hairs so far--no husbands or kids--that's why no gray.  Nieces/nephews and diamond rings--so I still have most of it 'all'.
I will be 40 next February.  I truly have not given much thought as my husband is 10 years older than I am.  Although he will only be 50 next year my daughters always tease him and say he is 56 now.  Really don't recall how that started but to them he has been 56 for the last 8 years.  In my hubands family everyone is over 40 with the youngest sister being 44 so I am the baby of the family. 
Well Roxanne you'd certainly give the people in your community something to talk about at the hall parties if you did "strippercise" dance there.  Sounds like you lead a pretty active life!  Good for you.  I volunteer as well with a number of organizations - its fun but it can be stressful at times.  That's why I like to go exercise!  What a healthy way to deal with the stress.  Too bad my gym didn't have a punching bag - that could come in useful after some meetings!
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I will be 40 this October.  I don't feel it, even though I do want to lose weight.  (What's it supposed to feel like anyway?)  I want to lose weight to be a good example for my oldest daughter, and I am contemplating becoming pregnant again and want to get in better shape first.  I used to dye my hair because I've been turning grey since I was 13, but have stopped.  I had a reaction to the chemicals in the dye and my hair started to fall out by the handfuls.  (Beware before you start, and consider using the natural based hair dyes if you don't have a lot of grey.  Definitely keep doing the skin allergy tests.)  Given the choice, I'd rather than be grey than bald. 

I think age is a mindset.  The oldest person I've ever known was an 18 year old who complained all the time.  He even walked like he was ancient.  Nowadays you're considered young professionally until you're around 30, so why are people "over the hill" at 40?  (Good for 10 years?  I don't think so.) Besides, I remember as a kid the fun, exciting part of the hill was always the other side.
Sounds like alot of us are 40 or just over!  I am going to get my mind off of all negatives and embrace it - cause  one thing I know for sure, the morning of my 40th, my lawn will be FULL of either pink flamingo's or crows or something - I know this because I totally have it coming!!  :)  I love k8t's analogy of the fun part of the hill being the other side - what a wonderful way to look at it!  What could be better than having our health AND all this wonderful wisdom we have acquired along the way! 
I'm turning 39 in August - but I keep thinking I'll be hitting 40 for some reason?!  My friend, Mary, who is the most glamorous person I know and is 41 says "It's just a number" but the skin around my eyes and fat on my back tell a different story.  I had a trainer in Irvine, California who was in her early 50s and has a body that is competion-ready - the secret (or hard work involved rather) is weights training and running outside, which keep the metabolism up, up, up!  I just read last night that in the 40s, that's when things happen.  Cryptic at best, huh?  Today while walking the dog I didn't "feel" middle-aged, but I must be considered so, right?
I'll be turning 40 in 8 DAYS!!! I'm not scared though- kinda looking forward to it- my mother died in Nov of 1973- she was only 38 so I feel ok since I'm older than she was- she didn't have weight issues like I do though- she died from having strokes- I was almost 8 when she passed away so I'm not sure if she was on any medication- I do remember she was a smoker and I'm not- my own daughter will be turning 10, 13 days after I turn 40- so I'm getting healthy for the whole family- I used to worry when she was a toddler because when she would see me eat- she'd tell me she was hungry- even after just having a meal! Today I don't force her to finish whatever is on her plate- I want her to get to know her bodies signals- she's pretty good at it too- whereas myself at her age- would eat everything on my plate- even if I was stuffed.  She came home from school the other day and told me that one of her classmates is on a "diet" She said that she told her friend that she didn't need to diet- she's just a kid- she just needed to watch her portions! What a smart girl I have:)
Ill ne 39 In July, but am already having a hard time wrapping my head around the facts. When I was a kid and thought of a 40 yr old, they certainly didn't look like I, or many of our generation, do. Maybe because so few of us smoke nowadays, take care of our skin, etc. Times are so different from when we were kids, economically. Our gen is more likely to have at least 3 different careers in our lifetime. What's most mind boggling to me, is that I still can remember what it was like when I was 15, 20, 25, etc. I've come to the decision that our personalities kinda stop 'growing', but our bodies keep aging. I look in the mirror and think 'who are you?' I imagine that's how most elderly people feel too. (read Margaret Atwood's Stone Angel for a glimpse of what growing old mentally might be like). Just think, our parents were part of the 'summer of free love' -shivers-

Keep complaining young ones but you'll never catch me, I've got a healthy lead on you.

Age is only a number.  It matters more how your body feels and how you go about life.  I'm 50 now, and will be 51 in August, but most people who meet me for the first time are shocked to hear this.  They think I look low to mid 40s at best. 

I watch what I eat, and watch my weight.  I run 20-30 miles a week.  I love to mountain bike on tough terrain and can keep up with guys 20 years younger than me.  My plan is to continue to do these things until I'm 70.  Once I hit 70, I'll get rid of my mountain bike and get a road bike.  I'll ride the road bike until I'm 80.  Then, and only then, will I take up golf and fishing.  Laughing

I'm 43 and I slacked on exercise and diet for about 6 years.  I whipped myself into shape.  I have grey in the beard, some.  I have a few grey hairs on top.  Aging pretty good but I really don't care too much.  Biggest thing was the double chin that runs in my family, but losing weight gets rid of it.

Best of luck with your aging.  Exercise and diet are key I think.

I just got used to being 40, and I'm turning 41 on Sunday, and I realized today that I really am ok with it.  I can't get any younger, but I can get better, right?  Join the club girls, it's not so bad. Cool

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