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Is it safe to eat canned tuna that's been left in a hot car?

This is so stupid.  Trying to increase my protein, I bought a couple of cans of tuna... and then I lost them!  I found them a couple of days later in my gym bag in the car.  They were hot, hot, hot.  I'm assuming they were in the car two days, so they must've gotten very heated twice.

So, does anyone know if they're still safe to eat?
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I say when in doubt, throw it out!

better safe than barfing :P
Myself, I would eat them -- probably only the quality, if anything, would be compromised. But, what you could do is call the number on the can. There's usually a consumer hotline.

Hell, I once ate a pork chop that was sitting in a hot car overnight. Nothing happened to me. haha
Haha!  Yeah.  I have a stomache of steel also.  :D
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