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And having an incredibly difficult time managing her pain
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poor baby :(  thinking of you and your family and praying.  i hope this is all resolved soon so she can be snuggled by those who care about her most!!


{{{E + all}}}

Just read your earlier posts about this. I really hope it turns out well... And I believe it will. Those little ones are way stronger than we think.

All the best to both her and you.

Poor baby :( 

Definitely sending happy thoughts and positive energy her way!  Hate it when little ones have to go though crap.

*Prays for baby E

Praying hard for her and for all of you, A!!


Hugs and smooches.

fight on Little Warrior Girl.

((E)) ((A)) ((Grandma))

Blood transfusion to be expected.  Pain not controlled is unacceptable!  Poor little sweetie.  She and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Fight Ezra, fight. Fight Ezra, fight.

I texted you a little while ago - as if you don't have ENOUGH going on - but I wanted to know how she is :-/

Poor baby girl. Sending positive thoughts.

(((((((((((((((((((((EZRA, Anna))))))))))))))))))))))))

It's so hard to see munchkins in pain.

Original Post by buggyhair:

It's so hard to see munchkins in pain.

Indeed!  Excruciating.   :(

Still praying over here..

sending prayers

My thoughts are with Ezra and her entire family today. Keep fighting little E. :(

my thoughts are with little E today.


((((E and Anna))))


i hope they find a way to make her comfortable very very soon. I can't even imagine the pain in your heart for her. I know she can win this!

They have found a good combination of drugs to manage the pain. She is currently resting...if her effing mother would stop touching her we'd be in business.

Original Post by aczinder:

And having an incredibly difficult time managing her pain

Sending good thoughts your way. I am so very sorry to hear she isn't doing very well.

Fingers crossed!


I'm thinking about the baby. Also, you and your mother be sure to take care of yourselves as well.

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