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Tipping the garbage man

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I just bought my first house this year and I have been hearing that tipping the mailman and garbage man around the holidays is a nice thing to do.

I have no problem with doing this, bit I am wondering how I am supposed to get the tip to the garbage man. They don't get out of the trucks so am I supposed to wait around the house until I see them coming to and run out with the envelope (seems a little over the top), or just tape it to the can and hope they get it?

What do you guys do? Do you tip, and if so how, or do you not find it necessary to tip these service people?

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Postal workers are not allowed to accept tips/goods worth over $20.  This website has some suggestions on who/what to tip.

I've never tipped a garbage collector (around here they are usually not the same people each time), so I can't help you there.

i vaguely suspect that the garbage man makes more than i do,

1- I've never heard of this social convention before today.  I like the idea.

2- I would wait for their truck to stop at your house, and then hand them the envolope and thank them.  That might be a little hard to do if you work during the day though.

My family has always given the mailman a christmas card. We usually give a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. :)

Original Post by pgeorgian:

i vaguely suspect that the garbage man makes more than i do,

 Hmmm...I hadn't thought of that. I am sure he makes more than I do, so maybe he should be tipping me for always leaving my garbage cans in a neat little row at the curb!

we tip them both every year.  we just have christmas cards with some cash in them and when we hear them pull up we go out and give them to them. usually it was me or my brother because we were home when they came by.

Original Post by coach_k:around here they are usually not the same people each time

same here

public sector workers here aren't allowed to accept tips anymore nope i don't tip and they are on more money than me.

Is it just me or has tipping got out of hand? Where i am from Postal Service and Garbage collectors are government unionized workers.  They make excellent wages considering the level of education required to do the job. They also get great health benefits and pensions.  I don't see it as necessary, unless they have provided you with an extra service beyond their hourly paid job.

tipping service workers, especially during the holidays, is a very old tradition. it goes back to the days when people with crap jobs made crap wages, and the people who benefited from the services typically had more money. in most jurisdictions these days, civic workers make excellent wages. unless you're rich and feel the need to remind the garbage man of how rich you are (he doesn't need reminding; he sees the crap you throw away), there's no need to tip.

a helpful guide for holiday tipping: -holiday-tipping-is-really-holiday-thanking

i'm pretty sure every professional that i encounter makes more than me (an adunct professor), but i still believe in tipping or more often, some sort of holiday thank you.  for example, i often travel to new hampshire for the holidays and usually bring back several jugs of local maple syrup, which i give as gifts to the people who work the desk in my condo building along with a few other people.

you're teaching? cool!

haha.  yeah, making the big bucks as an adjunct.  my students crack me up daily.

I think my parents only tipped our lawn care guys on holidays.

I do know that my mother often waited for the mail man, garbage men, and lawn care guys to give them a cold soda on a hot day (not rare in Florida). I think that's a sweet all year-round tip. :)

I've never done it.  They actually make more $$ than me and don't do a good job.  I refuse to get caught up in the mandatory tipping scene.  I tip my beautician and my nail lady only because they do a great job. Of course, at restaurants I'm a good tipper for good service.

My dad was a mailman for 36 years.  He always came home loaded with goodies at Christmas - mostly homemade baked goods.  :)

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It's been a while since this was input but wanted to let you know that garbage men don't make what you think, the city employees make bank that is true I work for rumpke for a mere 10.25 an hour busting ass all day long in the heat picking up everyone's unwanted ****. Our benefits I pay 116 a week for united health care only for them to fight everything we go to the Dr saying everything is pre existing. I am sorry if your garbage man is a dick like these others have pointed out but out of respect I always put the lids back on the can and keep them in line, I understand though because the driver of my truck is a prick will throw cans leaving me to pick them back up. Tipping is never expected but it is nice for those of us who do take the time to keep our customers happy. I understand I could work elsewhere for more money but I like the physical activity. I make a hell of a lot more money when I'm bartending but it's just money there is no insurance and I'll be dammed if I get stuck using obamacare when it gets applied I work for what I get I'm not taking no handouts. Just want to let you know not all garbage men are **** making bank out there. 

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