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Thoughts, prayers, positive energy needed for a special baby today

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A CC friend of mine's baby niece is having her surgery today.

ALL thoughts, prayers, positive energy, etc. are needed. Please send some Baby E's way.

*Update*: As of 12:17pm (central time), the surgery is complete. They got the cystic hygroma out - and per Anna, it was huge. E is in recovery right now. They said it was about the size of an orange cut in half then side by side. That poor baby.

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Keeping this candle lit today

Thoughts and prayer for A, E and family.


Little E is a Warrior Girl. I truly believe in the best possible outcome for her. Stay Strong, Little One.


Yes, she is.

Sending good thoughts.

Thoughts and prayers are with all of you! 

All my prayers are for the little one and her family today. 

We have been thinking about this all day. Rox - do you know what time the surgery starts? 

thinking of that baby girl today.

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We have been thinking about this all day. Rox - do you know what time the surgery starts? 

it was at 6am this morning. central time

Children and strong and amazingly resilient.  I'll pray for her today. 

{{Baby E}}

Thinking of E, AZ & family today.

Love and prayers and corgi kisses for little E, A and their family.

I pray that Baby E will have a successful surgery and that her loved ones have the strength to help her in her recovery.

I'm lighting a candle (Rose again) for her.

updated bump

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So glad to hear the surgery is over and that it seems like it was a success! No wonder she was so fussy! Poor baby girl.

I know. Can you imagine?? That's big for an adult... but a 9-month old? I seriously cannot fathom it.

Heal little darlin'. We hold you in our hearts.

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Oh my goodness, that poor baby! I am so relieved to hear she did well and is now recovering.

Wasn't it mentioned that it could/or will grow back? :(

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