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Thanks everyone <3

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Today went without a hitch and I'm just thankful to everyone that's messaged me along the way and been there for support on the forums.  My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer a few weeks back and I had friends and family kinda flake on us.  Folks here were able to help me feel a lot more secure without the folks I was hoping to have face to face for support.

And with surgery today things went fine.  Cancer all removed and he's home.  We won' t know the pathology until Monday (at least) so I just have to hang on until then. 

It can go one of 3 ways so I'm just hoping it's the "2" option if we're not going to get great news that nothing further is needed (which I'm praying for) but given our luck I have that feeling there will be more.  "2" means he needs chemo injected into the bladder.  "3" is full out chemo.  From what the surgeon says "4" which was chemo and radiation is off the table because it didn't look more invasive.  So I'm not giving that a second thought.

I'll update in this thread when we know, I just wanted to say thank you for the support because it really does mean a lot.

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continue to send energy for healing, wellness and 'all clear'. You guys will kick this.

Glad to hear the surgery was a success.

Hope is the light...sending it all your way. :}

Glad to hear things went well. Best wishes and lots of good thoughts your way!

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