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I've always considered myself 30 years old anyway since the beginning of the year, but the real big 3-0 is this coming weekend.

So what did you do on your 30th birthday? 


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Happy new decade!

I turn 30 in October and my husband will be 30 in June. I'm throwing him a surprise party that will consist of a simple backyard cookout with yard games and a video/slideshow that my father is putting together. I don't have plans for my own birthday, as it's on Halloween and that takes precedent with young kids.

A friend of mine just went to Mexico for hers a few weeks ago. Another one had a party at a local outdoor bar. A third one wants to take a weekend trip to Vegas with the girls.

Thank you!

I threw a surprise bday party for my hubby too when he turned 30. His reaction was priceless when he walked in the dark house that evening, turned the light on, and was surprised by his coworkers and our friends. We did a surprise potluck.

I had second thoughts about taking my girl friends to the bar since I quit drinking and smoking when I got married 4 years ago. I have a feeling I might not enjoy it anymore. Really, I don't have anything else in mind for this weekend, although I gifted myself with 2 tickets to a huge rock event in NC on May.

I turn 30 indecember and am goig to Nepal for 3 wks to trek to everest. Go big only happens once ;)

I was 9 months pregnant on my 30th, and didn't go out to celebrate as the midwife told me not to eat too much at a time in case I went into labour and needed a cesarian (sp).  I can't see the point in going out for your birthday and not stuffing yourself silly!!

Happy Birthday (soon)!

My husband threw me a surprise party my 30th.

Have fun!!
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A friend and I celebrated with a black and white party. We just wanted an excuse to dress up ( small town) and enjoy good food and drinks with friends.

Hallo :)


I turned 30 on New Years Eve. Since I am not much of a party girl it was a quiet but fun night. Had my in-laws over, my mother in-law prepared a wonderful dinner for me and then we had some drinks, chatted and played Wii golf (my men love it ;) ).

I really enjoyed it and couldn´t have asked for a nicer and more relaxed day...


Hope you will have a great day and the party you want :D

Happy Birthday - you kid.     Celebrate!  Enjoy!  Each year is a blessing.   I will be 64 in August and feel 30.   I went skydiving for my 60th,  learned SCUBA for 61st.     Life gets better and better.

This photo is of me last birthday.

Thanks to all of your responses!

I'm leaning more into going out to have a fun night with my friends since it has been so long since we got together as a large group. Friday night would be a girls night out, Saturday - close friends and family night and Sunday - hubby and me night. I wish I could take a few weeks off to see family abroad but it gets a little more expensive... so I think what I had in mind sounds like a pretty good plan for now. :)

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