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Terrific Tuesday! NEWCOMERS WELCOME! :)

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Princess-was it the same guy?

STL-report his ass. 


report that shit.

that's're pretty, yes and there is nothing wrong with telling you that ...but focussing solely on your breast size? what a chauvanistic pig!!

you should have used the word "chauvanistic",, he probably doesn't know what it means.. and i bet he doesn't have a thing for smart girls.

i say that because his conversational skills don't seem to be his strong suit.
lily no diff guy.
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and thats why I kept asking basically what he meant.. because I didnt want to come straight off thinking that he WAS in fact being sleezy... turns out I was right. 

how do I report him?  I honestly dont think he didnt anything wrong??  did he?  I mean, hitting on someone isnt a crime, even if it isnt the best approach.

IP - was is Drew464?
nope diff guy
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I understood what you mean Kipp.. :)
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LOL Kipp, its different, you werent all sleezy about it, and we were friends first..

I just deleted him from my friends list, he also deleted me, so I guess the problem is solved, HOWEVER its obvious that his true intention here is to find "hot" girls..?
Just PM a mod and tell them, that this guy is making comments to you that are unwanted and make you feel uncomfortable. If you dont want to do that quite yet, just let him know that you will not tolerate  PMs like that and if you get anohter you will report it.
to have cyber sex with on a calorie-counting site?

can you his midlife and living with mommy?
he's most likely some 13 year old boy!
Yeah, it sounds very 13-year-old boy to me. If it's not, it's f***ing creepy. I mean, creepier than it was to start with.
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I dont know if its 13 year old boy or not... he has a personal email that looks like its a university email... but who knows.. 

I'm going to email PandaJenn, and let her know I guess...
you know whhat i never understood? the guys who drive by and yell "Nice Ass..." i actually had a guy come up to me in a bar and say.... "I'd love to stick my d**k in your ass..."

i asked him if that line normally worked for him and then i dug my stilletto into his foot and spun around on it and walked away.

"i asked him if that line normally worked for him and then i dug my stilletto into his foot and spun around on it and walked away."

Steph...I like you more and more with each post you make! LOL

His profile looks college-age. I'm sorry, it's too EW. STL, I've already told you I think you're gorgeous but that "piece of meat" stuff is gross and you shouldn't be subjected to it. Ew I think I need to take a shower now.
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