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How to tell autumn is coming

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It's not the leaves changing that tell me fall is here --- it's my desire to get in the kitchen to cook and bake.

Yesterday, I roasted a chicken and made bread, and today, I made more bread.

If I'm a-cookin', autumn is a-comin'. Watch out, world, the seasons are changing!

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Can I come over? :-)
The door's open! :-)
We went to the state fair on Sunday night.  The smells and the lights, the music, the noise, the cool air in my face on the rides.  Autumn is finally here!!!!!!!!  

TOmorrow I say hello to my Pumkin Spice coffee creamer from international delight!!!!   MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm
I had a very delicious, hearty (vegan) chili with rice as fall leaves were falling and wind was whistling. Well, trees didn't even change color yet, but we'll work on that more.

-Lemon Jello
mmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  I love home made breads!  I'll be there with southcarolinaguy shortly! :)
It's definitely autumn. I've been making bread and soup

i made vegan corn chowder, without the usual beer bread to accompany it, though. i'm a new englander stuck in texas, so it's not fall weather here at all... i'm missing my favorite season!

How to tell autumn is coming?  My allergies


I do the same thing.  I cook a lot anyway, but I'm much more into it in the fall and winter and I tend to experiment more with new recipes.

Summer time it's all about cooking fast and keeping it simple.  Who wants to heat up the kitchen then anyway?


tatjana, my DH has told me he really (really really) likes having fresh, homemade bread in the house. He's such a good guy (and does the majority of the cooking...) that I just might have to see about doing more breadbaking!

(But is it less expensive than buying bread? I'll have to work that out! And let's face it: maple oatmeal bread is not sold at my grocery store!)

I get the urge to bake more.  I get hungry for soup and I'm not as hungry for ice cream.

So far I've made sugarfree/low fat pumpkin bread twice (in the past week!) and will be making it again this weekend along with muffins and I'll make up several batches of soup. 

Oh, and the cats get more cuddly as it gets colder!

Athena, your you make it more with a calorie count in mind, or do you spare no expense?  I've never made bread, but would like to, but...obviously, I'm concerned about calories in bread.

Arguably, I could have a small portion sized slice!  :) hard though! 

tatjanaturtle, I started this round of bread-baking in an attempt to find ways to give my son, who is 13, more protein in his diet. He came back from camp a vegetarian! clairelaine had mentioned Cornell bread in the Recipes forum (in response to someone else's post); I Googled it and was intrigued. It's supposed to be a high-protein bread, as it uses soy flour, non-fat dry milk, and wheat germ to boost its nutritional value.

But I see in looking at the analysis for the Cornell bread I made and the bread I normally buy, what I buy is actually more nutritious (more fiber and protein, less sodium, fewer calories) than the Cornell bread! (It's not as tasty, though.)

My son is not a huge fan of sandwiches, but does love Cornell bread. When Cornell bread is cool, it's easy to slice, so I can cut thin slices for sandwiches to get the calorie count down to something reasonable. It's a tasty, dense bread, and so far, pairs well with everything we've tried on it.

The analysis at the link above assumes 12 slices/loaf for Cornell bread, which gives 104 calories a slice. Slice it more thinly, and of course the calorie count goes down accordingly.

All that said, I have a wrap today, because my kid ate the rest of the second loaf of Cornell bread! I have one stashed in the freezer, and will pull that out tonight for sandwiches tomorrow.

The maple oatmeal bread I made has 130 calories per slice (assuming 14 slices per loaf), but one slice is large enough to cut in half and make a sandwich out of, at least for the loaves I made this week. I will probably try this bread again and bake it in loaf pans, which I didn't do this week. It, too, is not as nutritious as the bread I normally buy, however, which surprises me a little bit, but oh, well!

I wish we could all get together in a great big kitchen and cook up a storm.  I've been sorting through soup and bread recipes lately, and wishing I had a crowd of people in the house again. 

I love the Cornell formula bread!  I used to make it every Friday, and always did a few "oven bottom batts", which are little flattened rolls (don't know where that name came from - anybody know?).  They bake up fast.  My kids would wait for these to come out of the oven and cool enough to split open and butter.  It was the only way to keep them from wanting me to slice the hot loaves before they cooled.  I haven't done that for a long time because it's just me here now.  I love living alone, but miss that kind of cooking.

The history of that Cornell recipe is very interesting - look it up!

Rose_gil, I'm so jealous, I love pumpkin bread (pumpkin anything really)!!  Where'd you find a sugar-free/low fat receipe that tastes good?!

I haven't quite started on the soups yet (it was still almost 80 degrees here yesterday), but I'll get there soon :)

After reading through this thread again, I'm thinking a big pot of chili is in my future for the weekend as well as some bread and muffins!

I dig out my turlenecks and start craving my hubby's chili and cornbread. 

And anything with pumkin in it.....I discovered pumpkin butter at Trader Joe's the other day mmmmmmm!

I thought fall was coming, but now it's almost 80 degrees here today lol

Anyway I know it's fall when I want to make chili every sunday :)

Yeah's 80-something degrees, some trees are changing, leaves are falling, birds are chirping, and the sun is down by 7 freaking 30!

I'm so confused.  *holds head with both hands looking dizzy*

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