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*Talking to myself* Nite Owl Chit Chat Shak!

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oops, stumbled & spilt the pretzels... let me go get a broom...  brb
I am armed with my water (boring but needed), surrounded by texts. The sun is shining and I have been out enjoying the sea-breeze on my bike.

Gastrointestinal disorders just are not doing it for me!
exactly what are you putting in that soda? I want some!
hi sesoz!  lucky u!  sea breeze ~ hmmmm, i have always wanted to live ocean side ;)

sorry about the gastointestinal troubles... ;)  sounds like we could play the tootie fruity together today, eh?
let's see... i go for the bubbles, but a good quality vodka usually is my fav hot summer day drink ~ with little twirly umbrellas...

or... mmmmmm a strawberry daq... mmmmm lip smackin' good!
Not my GIT troubles - that is the topic of the week - colitis, and all of the other joyful music-making qualities of GIT disorders - you know they really listen for 'tinkling' with the stethoscope!
Maybe I will setlle for a strawberry margerita, or my specialty, a dragons eye (midori, tequila, cranberry juice). Think Ill go and whip one up now!
{{{huggers}}} not fun!  mine's just a few black beans mis-behavin ;)  i dun't think i know about colitis but it doesn't sound fun!

here... slidin' a nice cool drink across the table & a wiggle~n~jiggle jello parfait with fat free cool whip...
brb ~ gonna rustle up a pile of straws so we can all sip & sample different pretties ~ i can't wait to try the cranberry drink!  pucker up ;)
One thing about Dragons eye - they have a mighty kick. You should have seen my mother after 2 at xmas!

MMMM this parfaits great.
hey Sesoz ~ send me some sun would ya?  it's been raining cats~n~dogs here & we're having thunder boomers...

i've always wanted to live ocean side... maybe someday :::sigh:::

so what season are you in right now?  we're in late spring headed to summer... last week in the 90's and now we're lookin at 10 days of rain... pifflesnarf!  when it's done raining, we're going to have a jungle to whack back & knee hi grass to mow...
 a real kick, eh?  ok... i'll sip sloooooowwwwwllllyyy.  will that help?

We are at the beginning of winter, but Tuesday-Friday I am in the sub-tropics, Bayside - today is around 22-24C (is that 80F?) and glorious. I had to get out and ended up cruising the bayside on my bike, and finished with a stroll around the koala reserve (but they were all hiding today). Summer (Jan-Mar is the wet time here, but usually as afternoon showers, with the occasional week of rain). Mowing every couple of weeks.

1600 km between.....

Friday to Tuesday I am in the temperate mounatins - temp range at the moment is -4 to 15C. It is dry and sunny there most of the winter, with some showery days. ALthough I think they had rain yesterday....kangaroos mow for me here.
hi Jules, just sticking my nose in. like what you done to the room, just not enough room for my wheelies. lol

But enough room to kick certain people with the crutches if needed.

I'm still not back (after one half drag) to smoking. Wanna know a secret? Made me sick as a dog. So I guess I will be celebrating 2 years on June 29th after all.

So I will be rolling out and towards my nice bed. See tomorrow.

United we stand, alone we fall. Luv Gabi
{{{Gabi}}} tomorrow i'm building a cluster of tables just perfect for your chair ~ you can ride the rails, do wheelies, use the round doohicky to twirl ~ we'll bop & dance, ok sweetie???  the handyman was just a little late showing up with my order, sorry hon!  comeback 2morrow!!  sleep tite dahling :)
Does Izzi want a dragons eye?
makin' note, folding & putting in pocket... gabi has a 2 yr anniv coming up... whooo hoo... planning to celebrate with her & do the wiggle~n~jiggle happy happy happy dance ;)
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