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Official Survey: do you use Nike+, Fitbit, Withings, or others?

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Please take a moment to tell us which 3rd party trackers you use.


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OH man, if I could plug in my bodybugg info into CC i'd  be so thrilled! their food tracker SUCKS so badly. 

Agree with above poster! The only reason I use my fitness pal is because it syncs with my bodymedia.

I use fitbit


I'm thinking about buying a fitbit, it would be nice to be able to link to CC. otation




but to answer the op, none.

none. i use runkeeper to plan routes and track training, and i'm considering a garmin (too bad they're so fricken expensive and ugly. one or the other i could wrap my head around...) but i have no use for the others. i have a HRM that i haven't used in five years. i just don't like carrying extra crap and having gadgets attached to me.

and nike+ just pisses me off. i can't help but wonder how many people are out there running in the wrong shoes just so they can have the privilege of paying extra for that?

6 Replies