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Sundresses, what do you think?

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I love pretty dresses and those sundresses/maxidresses that are in fashion this year are calling my name... but whenever I try one on I look at myself in the mirror and think 'I wish I could get away with wearing THAT in public!' At 38yo and 200lbs I feel like I'm too old, too fat, and too frumpy to wear them. But basically I'm just not brave enough! I haven't worn a shirred or strapless dress since I was about six years old... When I found one that had sufficient coverage on my top half for me to be happy with it, it was so short it didn't even reach my knees!

What do you think?

Also, if you do wear one of those dresses, what are you meant to do about your bra? They all show the straps or come down so low in the middle that they show the bra itself... are you really meant to walk around in public without one?

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I wear them at the beach or lake, so usually its the bathing suit underneath

I did wear one out one night because nothing else fit - I wore a strapless bra.

Didn't help much because the way the dress is made/tacked, it has poofy nipples right where they should be. I looked like I was FREEZING all night. =D


obviously, I have no shame.

Most times around the house I don't care if my bra straps show, sometimes I wear a tank top in a complimentary color under the dress to cover bra straps, and in those other cases when the dress is cut in a way the whole bra shows.

PS. I live in Florida, land of (almost) endless summer... and I'm about three miles from the beach. People walk around in public wearing all sorts of 'beachy' clothing...

Layering is so fashionable these days that matching tanks or feminine t-shirts look great under most casual sundresses, so that would definitely be the way to go if you feel like you need a bit more coverage on top. 

I, for one, being a D cup, would NEVER go out without a bra at age 32, but my mother, being much smaller, can manage it quite well.  (Baywatch makes me squirm with remembered pain)  I think braless is the style with the younger crowd that most clothing is marketed toward.

The best advice I can give is to try one around the house and see how you feel.  Eventually you will get used to it if you wear it often enough.

Sigh...I want a sundress...

I love them too, but even now I've lost weight, I still have ginormous boobs, and there's just no way I can go braless, and I've yet to find a strapless bra that will hold me up.     Sigh.

But really, I don't think weight matters.  It's most likely all in your self perception still (you've lost a lot if I remember correctly?)  You could probably wear one no problem as long as you can find something to support the girls.  Especially where you live, no one would probably give you a second look.  I say go for it.  

I LOVE sundresses/summer dresses...they are just so comfortable.  I know the maxidresses I have come with the elastic shelf bra already in them and I am able to wear those without a bra.  But for the other dresses I go with a strapless bra or wear a tank top underneath with a regular bra...which is also a good "buffer" layer for those really hot days. 

No matter what your weight and size are, there are so many options for comfy and cute summer dresses out there.  I'm sure you'll find something soon! 

I had to laugh at the bra strap showing thing. It was almost shameful when I was growing up to have a bra strap ever show. You barely ever mentioned the word as a teen and went to great lengths to prevent the strap. I remember when they finally came up with the sliding adjustable strap, it was so wonderful not to have to worry about the little strap end poking out of a top.

I've noticed that many women in the under 30 crowd, but especially in the under 20 crowd don't care if their straps show at all. You see lots of summer tanks or spaghetti tops with an obvious bra strap showing and none of the girls seem self conscious.

They do sell strapless bras and there are now bras with a clear plastic type of strap that looks almost invisible. I also suggest wearing a bra in a color that blends in with the dress or top.


I say keep trying pretty dresses on, and when one comes along that you feel good in, buy it! Unless it's ridiculously expensive, you have it in your closet waiting for you to find the self-confidence.

In the summer, I see women of all sizes wearing sundresses, bikinis, etc so I don't think you'd be breaking any rules! I'd suggest that if it's very low-cut, wear a tank top/camisole underneath. Otherwise, don't panic if a little of your bra strap shows. Being a teen, I'm probably not the one to give advice to you, but I don't think it's a terrible thing for someone to glimse a *strap*! Yes, women have breasts and yes, they wear bras. (I would say that you shouldn't try to abandon it. I'm small enough to get away with it but even if you are, it creates more uncomfortable feelings than it's worth!)

I say if you want to wear one go for it!

I second moonikins, a clear bra strap or a colour-coordinated bra strap showing is totally acceptable. Having your bra show in the front, though, is just plain tacky. There are lots of bras that have very low fronts and decent support, I am a 38DD and have no problem with finding thse kinds of bras and still being supported. I once bought some double-sided fabric tape to make a very low-cut cross-over style top a little less revealing, but found that a small safety pin does the job better.

As for braless...nooooo don't do it!! Just say no.

I love sundresses. I wear a sports bra under (sometimes over a regular bra) the dress to provide a bit of modesty coverage. I have a bunch of sports bras in cute colors, so it's easy enough to pick a nice compliment.

Original Post by dreadfulpenny:

I love sundresses. I wear a sports bra under (sometimes over a regular bra) the dress to provide a bit of modesty coverage. I have a bunch of sports bras in cute colors, so it's easy enough to pick a nice compliment.

 i second this.  I also have cute lacy camisoles that I wear underneathe so a little lacy tank shows.  it's very cute.  and; it is pretty easy to find a cami with a built in shelf bra. 

i love sundresses purely b/c I can shimmy into one when i'm still hot and sweaty after my shower after my cardio workout and run back upstairs to work.  I have thigh issues and they HAVE to cover most of my legs AND, they cannot be a certain fabric that hugs/highlights Bumps or panty lines.  I don't have many sundresses yet; b/c I haven't lost all my weight yet; but I hope.....soon.  :)

I love dresses, the longer the better( right at the ankle)! I am not a sundress wearer except for when I am around the house or beach.  Those maxi-dresses are beautiful and very long but I don't feel comfortable wearing the halter or spaghetti straps.

Wear what you feel comfortable in.  If you look in the mirror and you are pleased, that is what counts!

Ladies you don't have to show your bra OR go without one. You can look amazing in one of those sundresses. neProductDisplay.vs?namespace=productDisplay& amp;origin=onlineProductDisplay.jsp&event =display&prnbr=CP-211598&page=1&c gname=OSBRPCNTZZZ&rfnbr=4859

I'm a 36 D and CANNOT go without a bra. I love these little dresses too. I'm 40 so I kind of feel like they are too young for me, but I'm seeing more and more women wearing them, so I've been wearing  mine too.

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 I just bought one of these for my sundresses. I also bought these, but have not tried them yet.

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