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Sunburn = peeling skin= weird tan

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Heres the deal....I got sunburned at the lake last weekend. Now my skin is peeling on my shoulders. Normally I don't mind this, I'll just get in the tub and use a loofah and be done. But this time its peeling and the skin underneath is a different color...and its very obvious.

I'm going to see friends on Thursday that I haven't seen in the 2 months since I moved to the sunshine state. I've lost weight and gotten incredibly (natural) tan. The only two solutions to getting rid of this discoloration is to A) lay out (but not get burned) on the only 2 days left that I can before my trip (tomorrow and Wed) or B) put my (Jergen's?) subtle tanning lotion on the discolored spots each day and hope it blends.

But before I do either let me ask a few days will the discolored spots look okay and not so obvious? If not, does anyone have any good suggestions?
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i use this stuff & it works really good, its natural looking.

but your jergens stuff would work too.

but.. thursdays a few days away, i'd wait & see how it turns out, you migh be surprised,  make sure to put regular lotion on it. & if its still the way it was put your tanning lotion on
Thanks elbow...I've been putting aloe (even though the actual burn is gone, it helps your tan stay longer) and some frangrance free sensitive skin lotion on so I guess I will just wait it out
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