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Stripping out hair dye?

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My hair dresser makes me use Pantene for two weeks before my appointment if I'm switching hair colors.  Usually going from hot pink to blond or black to light brown.  It strips the hair really really well.
Baby shampoo! There is something in there that prevents "cradle cap" and it also strips hair dye.  Use it for a few weeks and you'll see a huge change, plus it's very gentle.
just go to a professional.  (powder bleach) --- NOT LIQUID  is the best thing for it.  if you try to do it yourself, your just going to make things worse.   I had a color correction this week on a girl that thought baking soda would take out haircolor.  Sorry, bleach is the only thing that will work on black, unless you get something like Color-Out by Subtil.... but only high prestige salons carry Subtil. - you cant buy it in a store.

best of luck.
Actually absterry, the baby shampoo was recommended to me by a stylist in the upscale salon I worked at in New Orleans since it's the most gentle way to effectively strip hair dye.  I think baby shampoo is a safer route than bleach.
well I just recently had this happened to me. I dyed it black and wanted it lighter, I dyed it a brown adn ended up with yellow roots and blk hair!!! I then went and bought "colored oops" it works great.. it will lighten your hair up without damaging it.  THe bad side is that it smells horrible.. anywho I tried this and it worked great.. but if you do have $$ head to a salon!
Do not attempt to remove yourself. I had this problem a while ago from trying to go from dark red back to my natural blonde and ended up Ronald McDonald orange so not only had wasted money on home kits also still had to pay for hairdressers. Was very lucky my hair didn't snap
well you can baby shampoo all you want, but i highly doubt its going to get her back to her origional color.   But what do I know?  I only went to cosmetology school for 1500 hours (a year) with a 4.0 GPA, and 2 licencing exams. 

while baby shampoos are slightly more alkaline, about 7 in the ph scale, they are the same ph as your tear ducts.  the normal ph of adult hair is around 5.0-5.5 so in essence, it CAN open the cuticle layer of your hair slightly during use.  But long term use on adults will leave your hair dull and lacking luster.  I cannot imagine it stripping the black hairdye out completely.  it will probably make a really yucky color over time.

once again, please go see a professional.

please let me re-clarify my last post.  POWDER BLEACH (used properly with developer)is the best thing for to remove BLACK haircolor.  not every color.   

 Once the hair is lighted and the black pigmet is removed, (its actually a combo of red, blue and yellow)you should put on a toner, or a new all-over color to your liking, then stay away from the baby shampoos. Stick to a sulfate-free, or color safe shampoo afterwards. 

WHOAH ATTITUDE! That's cool, get all huffy about something this stupid.  I was recommending baby shampoo because that's what was recommended to me by someone who had been a stylist for over 20 years, and guess what? It worked. I have baby fine hair that is very sensitive to coloring/bleaching. My natural color is black, and using baby shampoo stripped the red that they put in after bleaching my hair to a light brown... it got back to brown after one bottle of baby shampoo and then they used an all natural dye to go back to black.  At no point did it look like a "yucky color", just slightly less intense red and more brown over time, my hair was shiny and soft and healthy the whole time.

Edit: and to clarify, the stylist that recommended the baby shampoo to me told me that it will effectively strip any color, even black.. which is technically a tint, not a color.

I have worked in the beauty industry for 18 years. Certain colors like red and black are very hard to remove because of the pigmentation. I would stay away from any sort of kitchen beautician recipes. I have seen all kinds of color disasters enter the salon needing to be fixed. Don't ruin your beautiful hair. I don't think the baby shampoo suggestion will ruin your hair but I don't see it removing black hair dye either. I think she said she was removing red. No telling what kind of dye hers was. There are many kinds that aren't permanent. Trying to compare to another person is not very realistic. I know the worst most stripping shampoo out there is prell. Guessing is scary! Go get it done at a salon if you can.
well was this quote-unquote "TINT" a semi-permanent, demi-permanent, or permanent color? these sort of things affect how long the color will last...... do you even understand the chemistry of the hair shaft and how hair colors work? Go to cosmetology school and then well talk.   Im done here.

thanks paintinmynails for backing me up on this one!
I think absterry is correct.  My wife is a professional hair stylist and she says demi permenant will fade, but a permanent black will need to be lifted with bleach.

I'm wondering why you're so upset that I disagree with you? I provided advice on something that worked for me, and I disagreed that bleach was the only route.  It's not like I suggested something that will damage the OP's hair in any way, it's shampoo.  I think this is dumb, but that's just my two cents... I see no need to keep making snippy comments back and forth about it.

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jeeeeze people! lighten up! (no punn intended) your actually all right depending on how you look at it... as it is with most things in life, lol...

in my experience the best way to handle a situation like this, is to start with the easiest, cheapest, least harmfull solution (ei: baby shampoo or prell) and see how those work after a couple weeks, and if your not satisfied, then look into several salons in your area, as most will overcharge you for these types of things...

but seriously, absterry... calm down a little, you are coming off as very condescending and arrogant, after all aprii13 didnt specifically ask for your advice only, its an open forum and the point is to get as many perspectives as possible. your also not the only stylist in the whole world, and i can garuntee that every single one would have a slightly different answer...

lets all try to play nice, and if you cant handle having your opinion challenged by someone elses opinion (which is just as valid as yours) than dont participate in these kind of things...


and by the way, i've used prell to lighten black Permenant dye to a nice chocolately brown before, so it does work on some people... and is definitely worth trying before spending a whole bunch of money bleaching/stripping your hair at a salon, as that tends to damage hair considerably more than shampoo and makes it very difficult to achieve the next color you attempt...

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Hello everyone...I am going to seek pro help today for my 12 year old son's hair disaster! I took him to a newly graduated "friend" to color his ash blod hair, mainly to highlight with bleach and put a few red streaks in it for some funk flair. She has done it before so I was confident it would turn out good...The only difference this time was the shade of red he choose. It is, I beleive a pure pigment red-red so it is more dramatic than say a natural shade of red. I'm fine with that...except she used so much of it against the bleach that he looks like rainbow bright. (red-pink-natural ash blonde and bleached) I spoke with her about fixing the error and she is telling me that we have to cover the red with brown bec she can't strip the red out. I'm not going to go into the feelings I have about that, bec my son nor I, never wanted brown coloring in his hair....Needless to say my son is missing a day of school today bec kids are cruel and I'm not going to throw him to the lions with strawberry shortcake hair. I'm not taking him back to my "friend" again bec she wants to charge me to fix it...So I'm taking him elsewhere today to pay someone else to fix her error bec honestly...I don't trust her to do it right a second time and I feel regardless of our friendship, her work ethic is lacking. So here is the's sounds like my only option is to cover the red with brown...since it is red and pink I'm assuming brown will turn the red a dark red/brown and the pink and lighter brown. What about the natural ash blond and bleach? is his hair going to be several different shades of brown? ugh!

Oh man I'm glad I looked at this post! I was thinking about dying my hair to a dark aburn red..but after reading how hard it would be to get back to your natural color I'm having second thoughts...yikes.

During basic training there was a chick who dyed her strawberry hair jet black. Her roots started showing, so they made her go to the base salon and fix it. 8 hours later she's back with 1 1/2 inches of a yellow blonde buzz cut.

They tried to use the powder bleach, but her hair just wouldn't strip evenly. So, they eventually had to cut all her hair off! She was so depressed because all the Instructors would call her "Male Trainee". Just a highlight (hahaha) to keep in mind that even professionals can't get the hair completely perfect. And yes, the base salon was manned by trained and licenced stylists.

I just went through this...try soaking hair with 70% alcohol for 5 min. then put mineral oil on that,  wrap in plastic wrap and sit in sun, or use blow drier for 30 min.  Wash completely.   It helped mine some. 

Original Post by silentdeadlyrose:

Oh man I'm glad I looked at this post! I was thinking about dying my hair to a dark aburn red..but after reading how hard it would be to get back to your natural color I'm having second thoughts...yikes.

you should try doing a henna dye.

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Well, i dont know anything bout this stuff, I just have a question. My natural hair is brown and I just died it black. I absolutely hate it and I want my natural color back. How do I get rid of the black and get my natural color back?

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