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The last time I got stretch marks I was going through puberty. (I got them on my chest) And I didn't really tan then. Now that I have some on my thighs and more on my chest how will the sun effect them? Most of them don't have any color but a small bit of them are a little pink but they are about to not have any color too. will it make them stand out? will it kinda hide them? Summer is coming and i'm wondering what is going to happen.
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it will kinda hide them.  i posted a stretch mark post before and that was the number one suggested thing to do.  so tan away!

i suggest using a tan lotion instead of frying your skin tho.  Thats just me, i've never had an actual professional tan.

Good luck with that.
ONLY sunless tanning will help.  Stretch marks are silvery and dont change colors from sun, so if you tan in the sun they will stand out even more!  Sunless tanner though will actually work as kinda a makeup that covers them.
I am a tanning freak, and here's my experience.  I have some newer stretch marks that are pinkish, and the tanning seems to fade those.  I also have some older ones that are white, and the tanning seems to make those stand out more.  I BELIEVE that when they are so old that they turn white, this is because they have lost pigmentation, so maybe that's why those look worse.  Just my personal experience. 
Has anyone tried the spray on tan at the salons? How do they work. I have a wedding to go to in June  but don't use the booths or out in sun since I had some skin cancer removed. Was thinking or trying spray but don't want to end up a mess for wedding.
Every time I think of those salon spray tans, I think of Ross on Friends....

I am tempted to try it though, because I used to go tanning, and I love how it looks ... but I know it's TERRIBLE.
'yachtracer1977' --- That episode is hilarious! Yeah, i have the same issues having stretch marks on almost every part of my body (both old and new. Arg! it's so frustrating, they just keep coming) i'm always wary about what i do and whether or not it will irritate them. The tips about sunless tanning sound awesome! I've heard about the white marks getting irritated, but i never knew that tanning hides the coloured parts. Putting on cream and exfoliating religiously is a life saver as well. It fades the colour and steadily helps hide the marks

As someone who has seen the results of skin cancer on someone they love.... wear SUNSCREEN.  You will still get a tan with it on, reapply it ever hour or so.  I was a lifeguard for 5 years and wore sunscreen religiously.  I still got tan but NEVER burnt. 

Anyways, in my experience the stretch marks were hardly noticable when I was tanner than normal.

Sorry for the lecture, I would hate to hear about someone enduring cancer from trying to hide stretch marks.
Anyone know of good sunless tanner that doesn't make you stink while it's "developing"? Everything I've tried makes me smell weird while it's doing it's thing.
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I'm using some suntan creams instead of tanning because I'm afraid of skin cancer...

The products I'm using right now are: Jergen's and Vaseline Intensive Care. I just put it on after my bath or shower. Make sure you rub it in really well and allow it to dry well before you dress though. And you have to put it on regularily to see results. I am just starting to see some results after a couple of weeks and I'm pretty happy. - Oh and they don't stink, actually they smell really nice.

Not as good as a real tan though.

I might let myself out in the sun a little bit. But I am going to be really careful and heed everyone's warnings. Both my grandparent's on my Dad's side had skin cancer, but got in in time and were OK, thankfully.
My roommate has the same problem and she has been tanning for the last month and she gets super dark. Unforunately her stretch marks don't. So yes I agree with the self tanning option. That should  hide them pretty well.
i just want to say thanksies for the tip here on that.

i have done a little self tanner...and i cried because it worked...and i was hormonal..but no MORE least not like..HEY Hey HEY..check me out im a streeeeeeeeeeeach mark.


i only kinda reminds me of how your face looks better with foundation on.

thanks again!
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Every time I think of those salon spray tans, I think of Ross on Friends....

OMG...I do too!!! NI/AAAAAAAAAAk/xr2gxEiidH8/s320/ross.jpg


From past experiences as a kid, my stretch marks didn't tan, they stayed the same, the normal skin tanned, and I looked kinda like a reverse zebra. :P Brown with white stripes... Yell

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