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Straight Talk/Pre-paid phone plans

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I'm thinking of canceling my t-mobile account and going for Straight Talks plans. The one I'm thinking of is for $30 a month, 1000 talk, 1000 mess, 30mb data.

Anyone have experience with prepaid phone services? It would save me almost half of what I spend now. I am not interested in total internet access, it just comes with the plan.

What I'm mostly scared of, is if I want to switch back to another carrier, will I lose my phone number?

All opinions are appreciated.

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My bf has one and he is pretty happy with it.  I'm on T-Mobile and he gets better coverage than I do.

I think you can keep your same number or get a new one.  He wanted a new number, so I'm not positive about keeping your old number.  If you go back to T-mobile, verizon, etc they let you transfer your old number to your new account.

I'm on a family plan with my dad and will be getting off of it when it is up and switching to straight talk.  I will go back to a regular cell company when I can afford the data plan.

That's good to know. I know I can transfer my current phone now, but I was worried about leaving if I didn't like straight talk of losing my number (if I don't pay a month of service I can lose my number...but I plan on doing auto payments anyways to prevent that).

I guess if I leave, I open a new contract first before terminating straight talk (if need be).

Anyone else? Straight talk was in Consumer Reports and their website does look pretty good. The downfall is i'd have to mostly communicate issues via internet.


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