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Steak... good or bad for you?

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I'm confused about the conflicting advice on red meat.  Is it good or bad for you? I am craving a steak, what is the healthiest choice (I'm thinking a sirloin)?  How many ounces is a serving?

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Red meat isn't a necessary part of your diet--just throwin' that out there, as is my agenda as a vegetarian. And in certain situations, there are health benefits to eating it, but I'm not going to tell anyone that it's good for them.

What screws most people up is the amount of red meat they consume. If you showed most people a single serving of red meat, they'd probably just get angry.

I don't eat it, so I don't know what actually constitues a serving, nor do I know if one hunk of cow is better than another...I'm in the business of keeping them alive, not eating them. :)

Anyway, if you want a steak, go for it. Just don't go overboard. It can totally be a part of a healthy diet. ating-red-meat-once-and-for-all-is-it-bad-for -you-or-good-for-you.htm e-truth-about-red-meat

Be careful: asking "is meat healthy" around here is just demanding that the veggievangelists tear apart your fragile meat-eating psyche (not to mention your fridge).

no idea but I love it

beef is a great source of protein and--like most foods--is good for you in moderation. my favourite cut is tenderloin steak, thick, but not very big around. they're expensive, but once every month or two, it's worth it. serving size is 3-4oz.

if you're grilling, note that you don't want to char it. the char is carcinogenic.

I'm going to grill a steak for dinner tonight just to confirm my red meat eater status. Is it good or bad for me? I don't care. I'm having  a T-bone. Is it the healthiest? I don't care. The steak is going to be 1" thick or about 20 oz so that's my serving.

Do I do this often? No. I mostly eat fish and lots of vegetables but that's my mood for today. Steak and sweet onions/mushroom and grilled sweet corn.

Steak is a special occasion food for me.

I had a lovely pepper steak this weekend.  New York, probably 10 ounces (although I only ate half), with a brandy-cream-peppercorn sauce.  Buttermilk mashed potatoes and crisp snap peas on the side... oh yes.


y'know what else is yummy? bearnaise sauce on a very rare steak. maybe with some shellfish in there. and a double-baked potato.

God, I find steak so disgusting. The texture, the taste. GROSS.


I had a piece of one that my mother grilled outside. It tasted really good and I liked to dip it in mustard. But I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it again. :P I'm not really a beef-person.

PG, I'd totally eat that all minus the steak. :P  Mmmm shellfish.

Oh, yes, the glories of the twice-baked spud...

and surf-and-turf.  Really, I'm a fan of anything that involves clarified butter.

If I'm indulging, it's tenderloin all the way. A nice sear and a little low heat to finish.


If we're talking about red meat, I feel compelled to suggest buffalo (bison).  I read that the American Heart Association recommends it as an alternative to beef - I guess it's lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.  It also happens to be delicious. Nick got a beautiful buffalo New York steak this weekend.  He had it cooked "blue" (rarer than rare) and it was absolutely phenomenal.

It's bad for you, but it's not like that stops anybody who wants to eat it anyway.

Original Post by lysistrata:

It's bad for you, but it's not like that stops anybody who wants to eat it anyway.

only if you're a non-Hispanic white California Seventh-day Adventist!

Heh.  I can't link all the studies that show how bad it is for everybody else.  Point being, if it's bad among the healthiest of the healthy ... it's bad.

My family of carnivores omnivores loves it.  Personally, I don't feel that red meat (or any meat for that matter) is necessary for getting your daily allowance of protein.  But if you like it, I'm not going to tell you to stop eating it.  It's not bad for you in moderation and can be a part of a healthy diet.

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Oh boy you are going to get a lot of different opinions on that one. I honestly don't think it is bad at all, meat fills you up which might lead to you eating less. The human body is meant to eat everything and that is also what will makes us feel the best in my own opinion.

This is disputable though. Most of my friends that are vegan are in amazing shape and really healthy, though thats a step I would never take myself.

I eat chicken and fish, but never red meats unless someone would cook for me not knowing thats my normal diet. But otherwise id never by choice have red meats. It is really because I never actually liked it, I honestly find it really disgusting. But some people dont and they should definetely not cut it out of their diets.

Original Post by lysistrata:

It's bad for you, but it's not like that stops anybody who wants to eat it anyway.


Original Post by theholla:

Original Post by lysistrata:

It's bad for you, but it's not like that stops anybody who wants to eat it anyway.


But it's not like that will get anyone who doesn't want to eat it to start anyway.

people eat--like--twenty ounce steaks. that's nasty.

I just think with steak you get less bang for your buck - you can eat more chicken and fish for the calorie count as you can red meat - but sometimes - you just want to eat a steak!  A nice rare cut with a fork piece of wonderful!  For me, that usually means a rib eye - the worst of the worst - but sometimes you just got to!  :) 

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