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My new roommate (who is also my cousin and only family within 900 miles) has a pair of cats. They're easy-going enough, not too obnoxious.

The problem: they really, really like me. And it really bothers my cousin. They're getting to where they pay more attention to me than her and it's sort of uncomfortable. The very first night I arrived, she told me not to worry if I didn't even see her cats for a few days, because strangers terrified them. Yeeeah...they had zero problems with me from the beginning.

I tried to ignore them as much as possible, which is my strategy with cats that I'm not obligated to pay attention to anyway, but it doesn't seem to work. I tried to bother them by tail-grabbing, picking them up, and doing all manner of things that typically annoy cats and seem to annoy these cats, as well. Nothing. It's like they just KNOW I dislike them and it turns them on or something. :/

I'm really hoping that when I bring Jo and Lulu (two of my dogs) out here to live, it'll turn the cats off of me. But I come home from work and school, smelling like all kinds of animals, but that just seems to drive them crazier--I was hoping the unfamiliar smells would make them standoff-ish, but no.

I don't know what to say to my cousin when her cats ignore her in favor of me. Honestly, what do I say?

"Oh, animals just like me." No.

"Well, maybe it's because I'm with them at night (she works overnights)." No.

I suppose I could tell her the truth, which is...she's too smothering towards them. Yeah-freakin-right. *eyeroll*

Possibly familiarity will lessen their fascination with me.



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You are very correct in saying that once the familiar of you settles in they will not be interested. Then again, I have had my cat for many years and he is still very clingy to me.

Cats love new things- they are children like that. New toy is fun to play with until it gets old, which how long that is changes from one cat to another. I am sure when you bring your dogs to live (Be sure they are not mean to cats though) the cats will AVOID where ever they are. Keep dogs outside? Cats will stay inside, and opposite.

As for your cousin, tell her that all cats are like that. Their funny blockheads are hard to read, but assure her that her cats know she is the caregiver and to relax.

Good luck!

The problem with any animals is that we don't own them, they pick their humans.

That is how I ended up with my daughter's two cats.  They choose me out of six people in the house.  When she moved out she said that I was their human and they would not be happy going to a new place without me.

PS the more you ignore a cat, the more they will like to be around you.  It is their independent nature.

Think about when you bring your dogs home with you.  They might decide that they like your cousin.

PPS please don't make your dogs mean to the cats.  It just causes too much stress and you and your cousin will end up fighting over the pets.  Afew days before they are to meet each other, rub them all down with seperate towels and then trade the towels so the dogs get use to the cat scents and the cats get use to the dogs scents.  It will make your life a little easier.

It's not really ignoring so much as cats have a sense for those who are allergic or don't really like them that much...they lie in wait for these people...they will grow on you or drive you nuts.  If they grow on you they will eventually ignore you just like all of the other slaves.  If they drive you nuts, it's also a win for them.  Just think of them as having a supremely warped sense of humor and it makes sense.  ;-)

I don't think you need to say anything.  If she asks about it just say "I don't know" or "cats are evil, they know I don't like them so they are plotting to kill me with affection" or something silly like that.

One of my cats prefers the sink to any one person but he is friendly to everyone and doesn't know how to not purr.  Another prefers rays of sun to pets and cuddles.  I don't take it personally.

This is true with cats and men. Withhold the love, and they will almost certainly try to be your shadow.

I don't know why..maybe it's an ego thing. She doesn't like ME? How could she?
I'll make her like me.

I'm no whiz on cat psychology as I've never owned one, but..I'm decently allergic to the cute little hairballs, and whenever I go to a friend's house who has one or four of them..sure enough.

It's "let's jump on Auntie Raychel's lap" time.

I love them, but..I have to pop a claritin first. I'm awkward with them, too..I mean..I have dogs. I'm never sure how to pet one, and those sandpaper tongues of theirs always make me flinch because at first..I think they're biting me, lol.


My dogs fall in love with someone else? Unpossible.

As I said, her friggin' cats would like her more if she weren't so obnoxious to them. They seem to really like the fact that I talk to them--without using the "baby-talk" voice and that I DON'T pick them up and that I let them have breating room. Unfortunately, my cousin becomes even more smothering, the more the cats prefer me. This is a HUGE wake-up call for me--I've spent years studying canine behavior (my thesis will be over certain aspects of it [or canine nutrition, undecided]), but I've basically ignored feline psychology. I'm starting to think that knowing their anatomy and prone-illneses isn't going to be enough. :/ Especially since one of my professors told me that within the next decade, cats will probably account for over half a small-animal vet's clientele. :( it's possible that if I develop a genuine interest in them, they'll get bored with me...*ponders*

I'm not really worried about my dogs' aggression toward the cats. They don't like cats, but they're well-trained and will never be unsupervised.

You know, she could have saved everyone grief if she just had a dog. So much more loyal. >:P

Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

You know, she could have saved everyone grief if she just had a dog. So much more loyal. >:P

 Maybe...but I prefer cats because they can take care of themselves, don't need to be walked, and don't need to be taken outside.  I love being able to leave them by themselves for a day or two if I need to.  I also don't smother them and I still get plenty of cuddles from them.

There's only so much cuddling I can do with our slobbery German Shepherd.

Cats like to zero in on people who are scared/trying to ignore them because they dont like eye contact. Simples. People ignoring them seem friendlier to them than someone looking into their eyes wanting their attention, they read it as a threat, and even if they luuurve you it will still make them a little nervous. Stare those cats down. WIDE EYES.

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