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Have you been eating a lot of soy or drinking a lot of soy milk? Soy can cause breast tissue to be tender (in women AND men!).
Ew, no way. I hate soy lol Tofu is the only soy product I'll eat, but I haven't eaten that in a couple weeks, and when I did, it wasn't that much.
Do you by chance have a larger sized bust?  If so and you've been working out more perhaps the movement has irritated them a little bit.
This is completely normal. It could simply be your period is coming ... just a little "PMS." Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. 
that happens to me EXACTLY one week before my period.  It might be that.

ALSO, I have a few friends who this happens to when they have caffeine.  They have to get everthing DE-cafeinted now. 


ps.... maybe it's your granny panties telling you somthing JK
I have tender breasts about 4 days before my period.  So if you get your period in the next couple of days, that is probably why they are sore. 
No, my breasts are (unfortunately) on the smaller side. My cup size is a C, but let me tell you, it certainly doesn't look like it lol

It could be my period. I usually start around the end of the month, so I'm a little overdue. My breasts are usually tender even when it isn't that time of the month, so I never seem to notice.

Mahalo nui loa everyone!

Love and Alohas
Ihilani Kapuniai
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Good question.  Can't say I have any advice but I am enjoying the responses. They are very....informative?
Finally... a guy chimes in on a Boobs thread!  :)

Ihilani, probably just a hormonal thing.  However, are other lymph glands in your body swollen?  For instance, under your jaw?  Breasts contain a lot of lymph tissue... so are you feeling okay otherwise?
LMAO junrau!!!  you like the boobie talk do ya??!!  Well, I don't blame you if I were a guy!  hehehe
I'm finding the conversation informative as well ;)

I just didn't want to be the first guy to weigh in. ;D
AHHHHHH, another guy who likes the boobies!!! lol
Oh come now, you know they've all been reading it...just didn't want to be "that guy" :)
Indubitably. ;D

I thought the entire site knew about my liking of boobies ;) The entire chat does, at least ;D

*should moody flash hk?*

* (  .  )(  .  ) *

Shhhhhhhhh.... don't tell anyone hk!!!
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"That guy"? hmm not sure what to make of that
Ha, sorry junrau.  No offense meant :)

It's good that you like boobies and aren't afraid to admit it!
**winking at HK*

No kissin and tellin right HK?  lol
poor mztenderbreast... you must feel so violated by all the perverts reading bout yer boobs!
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