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My son always argues about taking a shower

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Help I have to argue with my 14 year old all the time aobut taking a shower. He has a summer job and gets extremely hot and sweaty (dirty also) and I still have to get on him about taking  shower. I was out of town for two days and just found out he hasn't showered since before the last time he worked (three days ago). As he walked in to the bathroom slaming the door hesays tome sorry I won't ever be good enough for you. AHGGG. I get tired of feeling like i am a mean old dried up something or other. Just venting
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Yeah I went through the same thing myself.

I found showering to be a nuisance, and something I didn't really have time for in the morning.

At around 15 I started showering every night before bed, and then at 16 I started showering in the morning.

One of my roommates remarked that I showered every morning, as though that was an odd thing. He's 21!
Yeah, I would seriously advise trying to help the problem without any sort of harshness or trauma (like the hose or extreme embarressment with peers).  Maybe he's got some sort of issue.  In fact considering what you said of his exact reaction to you prodding him about it, it seems maybe he does.  So I'd definitely try to work on it, but definitely delicately.  Not in a way that turns it into a challenge or battle of wits where he's going to stay as stinky for as long as possible to spite you.  Of course coming from a parent that's a hard thing to do.  :)  If you try to talk nicely to him will he tell you what the problem is?  Maybe something could be changed that he'd like it better.  Would he respond better to a guy asking him?

I still find showering to be a nuissance.  lol  I do it all the time of course, but it does seem to be an annoying break out of the day.  I have a friend (a 30 year old WOMAN) who showers before bed only.  I shiver when I think of it.  She doesn't really date much but I can't imagine what a guy would think of her after she got home from work every day...  well you know what I mean.  I try not to think about it.  lol
My ex did that (he was 20 years old!), he wouldn't shower for 3 days or more at a time. It was soooo gross, and his family would constantly complain about it while he was out of earshot. They tried to get me, and they tried themselves, to talk him into taking better care of his hygeine. Never worked, and I'm sure he still does this even though he's 21 now.

I am so glad my boyfriend now takes so much better care of himself (he's very clean :P). Though he's also older, so he's had more time to mature lol.

Same thing with my brother, when he was little he would argue non-stop with my mom about taking baths/showers. Once he hit about 17 (when he got his first job and such) he just suddenly fell into the habit of taking showers everyday before school/work. Guess it's different for every dude lol.

My nephew went through it and his father was soooo embarrassed until my nephew had a sleep over and none of the kids wanted to shower.  My sister and bro-in-law finally realized this is normal behaviour for boys.  Once my nephew got interested in girls, they couldn't keep him out of the shower. 

I don't look forward to it, my son is only 5 so he loves to swim in the tub. I know one day I will have to drag him into it.

Wow reading all these replies makes me think that maybe this is some kind of male instinct? That maybe primate males thought smelliness = manliness. It kind of makes sense since nice smells are usually associated w/ females. This may also explain why men love to fart! LOL

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LOL at Kerry's post  "go defunk yourself"  LMAO
Perhaps he doesn't like water? Maybe he has body image issues? Or maybe he's just lazy!
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It's all laziness. I am so frustrated with my 16 year old step son. He "supposedly" has convenient ADHD so we have to fight each night for him to take a shower. He tries every trick in the book not to take one. He skates all day (skateboard) after school and comes home smelly and sweaty. He pretends to shower, runs the water, and gets in bed. I am so disgusted. His dad doesn't seem to think it's a big deal. I had to just remove myself from the situation. I would think that at age 16, he would want to be cleaner. I have no asdvice for you, if you get any good advice, send it to me please. And atleast you're looked at as the "mean old dried up something" and not the wicked step mom, like me. It's tough. (just venting)

Tell him it'll fall of if he doesn't wash. :) Boys are just lazy (and stinkier).

I had a BF at 15 that obviously did not shower regularly and after a bit, I came to realize it. The relationship did not last long.

I have the opposite problem.  My son is 12 and is up to 2 showers/day (would be more if I let him).  It's his 'happy alone time'.  *facepalm*   hahahhaa


Original Post by moonikins:


 Crap!  August 9, 2007!!  I didn't even notice.


Now I feel weird... I did this about this age, and I'm a girl. =(

I don't know why... I think it was just a dominance thing. I didn't want to be told what to do. I just wallowed in my self-hatred enough to think everyone thought I was as disgusting as I was and that was their point in telling me to shower, not reality.

I still don't LIKE taking showers, it seems like a waste of time. I don't derive any pleasure from them. But I've learned to deal with it.

Make sure to point out that he may not smell his body odor but that everyone around him can.

Many people become so accustomed to their own smells that they don't notice it. (Ever try to figure out why the person sitting next to you on transit doesn't notice that they have really bad BO? That's why!)

It's the same as a house. My house has a very faint cat odor when you first enter (the litter box is next to the door), but I never smell it. I only notice it when I am gone on vacation for more than a weekend and even then, it's only a short time before I don't notice it anymore.

Personally, I hated showering when I was in high school. My grandma, who was in her late 80's at the time, would have an aide come to help her shower and have breakfast and it was always between 6-7:30am that they would be in the shower. And then my sister would get in the shower for 7:30am. And I wouldn't have time to shower before school, so I'd go without. I'd shower sometimes at night, but I really hated (and still do) having a shower late in the evening before bed. I would feel clammy when I get into bed if I was even just the slightest bit damp.
Now, at 24 years old, I shower at least twice a day.

So rest assured! (And maybe stock up on air freshener....)

Agh. This post is 3 years old!

Original Post by annkatcom:

Agh. This post is 3 years old!

so the non-showering 14 year old is now a 17 year old.

who wants to bet he now showers daily?

Original Post by annkatcom:

Agh. This post is 3 years old!

 Agh! I hate that! =(

Original Post by kerry07:

Its totally a boy thing (sorry guys). My brother went thru it, my son still goes thru it kind of (hes 12). During the week he will shower before school and change his boxers even, now that hes more interested in girls. But Im constantly reminding him to brush his damn teeth and on the weekends, forget it...the typical conversation goes like this: me "umm, Jacob, whens the last time you showered, brushed your teeth or changed your boxers?"...him, pausing to think about it "whats today?" "sunday"...him "friday" "jacob thats gross, go defunk yourself please"...him "ok". LOL

He will grow out of it, dont worry.

What is it about boys not wanting to clean themselves on the weekend or vacations.  My son is the same way will do teeth and face etc. before school but come the weekend he must think the stink and plaque goes on vacation!!!

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