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Say something GOOD about yourself!

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Anybody interested in going into the weekend with a bit of a lovefest?

People trying to lose weight, particularly women, are so good at pointing out their faults.  I want everyone to post something nice about their physical selves.  We've all got great features!

I'll go first.  I have really lovely green eyes, and I have killer calves.


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my smile and my green eyes ;)

oh and i love my feet, haha

 Big blue eyes, big smile, and a sense of humor.

I have gorgeous dark brown curly hair and big blue eyes. Also a naturally shapely yet slender figure...I'm very blessed. That's why I CAN'T ruin it by binging!

I have an okayish figure

I HATE being short on most days :-( 5'2 because my body is lengthy but my legs aren't particularly.

However I do like my hair :) i've grown it and now it's down to almost my elbows. and I quite like my collarbone/neck area looks quite feminine...but I also dislike my chest (32A hhaha)

I'm adding more.

I am an awesome piece of furniture/mom for my cat.  She either wants to sit on me, be cuddled, or play, any time I am home, even if I'm in the bathroom.  Or asleep.  Or on CC.  She's a bit needy...

i have full soft lips

naturally good texture hair ( soft and curly)

nice legs and calves

full chest (blessing and a curse, lol)

great fashion sense ;-)

I'm a great cook...

...but that doesn't help much with the wieght loss thing.

o.o Non-physically, i don;t want to brag but I'm pretty good at art. Mostly I just enjoy it. Anyone else arty? :P
Thanks so much, all of you, for responding! It makes me smile to read all of the great things you said about yourselves!
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