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Say something GOOD about yourself!

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Anybody interested in going into the weekend with a bit of a lovefest?

People trying to lose weight, particularly women, are so good at pointing out their faults.  I want everyone to post something nice about their physical selves.  We've all got great features!

I'll go first.  I have really lovely green eyes, and I have killer calves.


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i have a light dusting of freckles mostly on my face, shoulders, elbows, and knees that i love :)

my hair is also super soft for whatever reason.

I'm strong and getting stronger all the time.

And I'm hot.

Also I'm going to medical I'll be a hot doctor.

I am brilliant.  Prosecutors fear me, and judges listen to me.

I can run really fast for a long time.

I like my feet. They're always well looked after as they're my main form of transport.

Also my now more defined coller bones. Didn't see them babies for years & now I have neck!

My moustache FINALLY came in this year and it is thick and full.  It was an excruciating 24 years.

Original Post by nasuoni:

I have a really awesome smile, with only one dimple. It's hilariously cute. -grin-

I have one dimple too! Result of an eager run across a polished wood floor to get my mom to put toothpaste on my toothbrush when I was 3 or something. I hit the table's leg and needless to say my cheek was swollen for a whole week ;p

Now to reply to the topic - I have the clearest skin. I get one or two pimples maybe once a month, but they go away in 2 days max. I also tan really easily and look super duper healthy when I do :D

I'm 35 weeks preggo and I have no back flab seeping out of my bra straps; even though they are tight.  No stretchmarks (yet) no hemrhoids (thank g*d) and my feet haven't grown a size.  I can still see the tops of my obliques.

Pre-preggo I had amazing boobs, great abs and a really good tiny more :(  But it WILL return!!
I have the clearest skin. I get one or two pimples maybe once a month, but they go away in 2 days max

I'm the same. I get compliments on how nice my skin is all the time. I've never had an acne problem. Just the one pimple once a month at ttom.. ugh.

I think I have pretty fantastic eyes.
i have great eyes, too.  they're green. 

Guess I'll go with the already mentioned eyes, I get compliments on their blueness.


I apparently look like I weigh less than I do (must be the muscles and small hips).

T & A.

1)   I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong.

2)   I'm never wrong.

I have great shoulders

and I'm strong

Maaaaaan, I was eyeballing myself in the mirror earlier.  I've got some mighty fine legs on me.

I have a pretty round booty for a "skinny white girl"
I have the kind of legs that DONT look like they are about to snap, they are strong.
I have large facial features (eyes, lips, teeth) and I love that!

Wow, this is so much better than focusing on the bad.

Good job whoever thought of this!

I am a good mom

I love to laugh

I have a good sense of humor

My nails grow strong and long

I have cute little feet

My nose is cute as a button

I am stubborn as he**  (can be a good thing sometimes!)

I love my hazel eyes

I have the ability to learn quickly

I have smooth hair

I also love my collar bones!

I have long, beautiful fingers, great bone structure and build (that I'm revealing w/weight loss), and a puuuuurty face. I'm a very dedicated, faithful and hard working smarty that has a knack for making people laugh...not always intended. *snickers*

Oh yes, and I'm naturally athletic/coordinated and a great dancer!

I have long, well-shaped legs and thick, soft hair. Also my eyes are an interesting mix of blue and sea-green.  Great thread, BTW!!

Little over a month ago I would have found this thread difficult to answer... but, I like the fact I'm beginning to see curves in places I didn't know were there :) waist is thinning and hips are curvy.  Noticed the other day... and told my phiance "Where did that come from?" hahaha

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