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can someone please tell me why apples make me burp?

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ok thanks :-)
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i've been wondering this too... or why if i have an apple i am full for the entire morning..but if i have a peach i'm hungry 20 minutes later...
Perhaps you tend to eat them quickly or with a certain amount of gusto, so you inhale extra air? Just a guess. :)
aw steph I'm jealous that apples fill you up so much...I eat one and I'm hungrier haha
maybe peaches will make you full then.. maybe we are fruit opposites??
i can't stop laughing at the mental picture of somebody eatign an apple with a "certain amount of gusto"
You guys are so cute! I think apples have more carbs, no? Then keep you full?

Who knows, maybe you two are just weird ;)
my dog wolfgang (rott/dobie) used to love apples, but i dont think they made him burp...
*inhales an apple in 30 seconds flat*

*goes to the store to buy some peaches*

ahhh at last, I'm satisfied...I wonder if peaches would make me burp?  My mom told be that apples make your body produce more gas...I'm pretty sure she was making it up though heh...she had no good explanation for why
maybe because the skin is rich in fibre?? or maybe i'm making that up because i have no explaination as to how i came up with that...
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