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I slept with my best friend's girlfriend, need advice, please help!

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Thread titles that are destined to be drama threads. Go!

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"Should I have an abortion?"

Why I spanked my child.

I think "insert politician's name here" is a jerk!
"I still remain better than all of you in every aspect of life that counts..."

Cows deserve to be eaten (posted in vegetarian)

'Religion is bulls**t and there is no such thing as God'!

i think models look healthy

"Michael Vick is A-Okay"
There's nothing as starvation mode!! I only eat 900 calories/day!!!
Boyfriend is 33 years older than me - is that ok?

Anyone know what this weird rash is? (pics included)

I know so much more than any of you.  Why do people post such stupid stuff over and over? I'm going to read the post I think is stupid, just so I can tell you I think it's stupid!!


Meat eaters are murderers!

You all suck, I'm not posting anymore!
I hate <skinny> <fat> people

Kids? Yeah right...

Is it OK if i onll eat 900 calories/day?

Poll: What is a safe age to start smoking pot?

What is the deal with Americans?
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