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size 12 is hot, right?

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So I've got this date with a guy I really like tomorrow night, and I went out and bought some rockin' shoes and some new pants (and the 12 fit, not the 14 or the I used to wear). And, I guess I just need a little help in the confidence area.

So, I'm asking, can a size 12 girl be hot when she rocks the right shoes and pants?

I know this is a little silly but I am feeling self conscious and nervous which is not hot at all, so support is what I am looking for.
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do you mean uk 12 or u.s? alot of people talk about u.s sizes which i dont get none of =S
you can be hot at any size!!!

it's the attitude and how you carry yourself

you'll rock the date :-)

and a great pair of heels, at least for me, always helps with the strut and attitude!  :-)
Yes, of course.  The right outfit can do wonders for you.  I put on a tube top the other day that made my boobs look HUGE.  It actually made my stomach look a lot smaller and I was told that I looked like I dropped 20lbs as soon as I put on that shirt.  I am a size 12 and would like to think that I look HOT most of the time.   Make sure that you pick clothing that fits correctly and you should be fine.
She's size 12.... She looks hot to me...

Just have fun and SMILE! Let your smile go all the way to your eyes if you really like him.

hell yeah!  enjoy yourself...
oh and congrats on getting to the size 12!!!  :-)
Of course size 12 is hot! In U.S. OR U.K.!!! Hahaha. Size 2 and 18 and 8 can all be hot, with the right style, confidence, hair, make-up, etc. Size is just one part of what makes a woman "hot" or "not." And you should be feeling quite confident after dropping all that weight, and going down three whole sizes!
Damn Nomore, she's a 12? really?

It all depends on your confidence.  I say fake it if you can't find it.  He will love it!!

Have a good time.
you look GREAT!

Have FUN!

*but ya know... don't do anything I would do*

Size 12 is hot if you make it hot!
Wasn't Marilyn Monroe a size 12?? 

I believe if you look up hot in the dictionary, there is a picture of her.
This is just what I needed guys. Thank you so much!
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actually I think Marilyn was 14... but still, you can look hot at any size!!  I'm a size 26, and I think I'm hot...  Maybe I'm TOO confident.. but at least I know that Im a beautiful person... 
I think it doesn't matter. You can look hot at any size. As long as you look healthy, you can be beautiful on the outside as well on the inside.
Okay so Im a mom & a size 10/12 depending on cut and I would like to think that I ROCK!!!

its all in the attitude and if your going out with the guy it obvious that it not a big deal with him.

Just remember to comfortable & be yourself!!!

Have a great time
Size 12 is super hot honey!!!! GO GET EM!!!
Lots of people on this site would kill to be a size 12! Rock your body! Own it! Enjoy yourself! And show your confidence in yourself!

Good luck on your date! You'll do great!
I want to be a 12 again.
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