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Silver jewelry turning copper - Help!

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I know that silver jewelry that is not sterling silver can and will, after multiple wears, start revealing a copper-ish color.

Is there some stuff that I can spray/dip my silver (not sterling) jewelry to protect it and keep it from turning that copper color? I know there are sprays and finishes that protect wooden furniture, so I thought maybe there was a product or a home-made mixture that could protect silver jewelry.

Please let me know of any products or personal tricks, I have had too many pieces of nice jewelry and belt buckles brass on me. :\

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Silver cleaner?  You can probably google it.  There's liquid that you can dip your silver into, or paste for silverware.  It will be at a hardware store or maybe your grocery store.

I would just stop in at a jeweler's with a piece of "copper" silver jewelry in hand, as an example to show them what you're talking about, and ask them what they would recommend.

edit: I did this myself once, and they gave me a polishing cloth that was pretreated with a cleaner for free.

I have a bunch of silver earrings that I cleaned with TarnX. Then I coated it with clear fingernail polish. It didn't turn a copperish color after that. This doesn't work for necklaces.

I simply dip my jewelry in Future acrylic floor polish. It will seal it--though its not permanent and needs to be re-dipped occasionally.

Clean the piece first to remove any tarnish and then dip it a couple of times--letting it dry completely between dips.

I make copper jewelry and though I like the way it looks when it oxidizes, not everyone does and, so far, this seems to work pretty well.

I have also dipped sterling silver with good results. I just don't make as much of that anymore--economics, you know?

(Stainless steel jewelry won't change color on you, by the way, and can be very pretty when polished.)

The reason why your 'silver' jewelry is turning that copper color is because it IS copper. Your jewelry is most likely just silver plated, and when the silver plating wears off, it reveals what your jewelry is really made of: copper.

I agree with ruth5285, coat your jewelry in something to seal it and protect the silver from being worn off from friction and continous wear. To bring it back to it's original silver plated condition though, you can use something like this or this.

It has nothing to do with whether it's sterling or not.  Tarnishing is natural.  The only reason some silver doesn't tarnish is because it has been plated with rhodium, platinum or white gold.

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