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i know it's only january, and there are weeks more of this crap to go, but i'm really, REALLY sick of winter. i'm freezing my buns off right now, and i'm inside! i'm wrapped up tight, but my fingers are close to numb. if i see one more sweater i think i'll commit a crime. it's not snowing here (the snow chickened out when it found out i was waiting for it Yell), but it's way too bloomin' cold!


why aren't i somewhere warm and sunny? i spent last winter in florida; i'm spoiled now.

and i'm sick of the sun setting so early.

isn't there anything our brilliant, super-human scientists can do to abolish winter and make it sunny all the time? (please, no global warming downers; i just want some sunny empathizers.)

aren't shorts awesome? aren't sandals awesome? tank tops and no coats and random barbeques? and pools (although i've never been in one as outrageous as that one in Chile)?  don't boots suck? and gloves, and scarves, and black ice and blizzards, etc?

don't you wish it were summer already?

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Hahaha, I live in Arizona, so it doesn't get too cold here, but when you get used to 120 degree summers, the 40 degree winters are brutal!!!! I'm such a weenie when it comes to the cold. Today I was wearing a long sleeve polo, a zip-up sweatshirt and felt gloves... and it was 45-50 degrees this morning (now it's 65, tehe). But I'm with you. Anything under 70 degrees is just sinful and should be illegal!

dalmamalma - Oooooohhh I cannot agree with you enough!!! Where are you from? I am from Seattle. It never snows this much but this year it has been snowing like hell. And when the sun comes out, it turns to ice and freezes over. Every day morning you see a sheet of ice on the roads, grass car...

It's freezing outside all the time. Who complains about global warming??? I think it is global colding happening here!

let's start some sort of lobbying commission: citizens for the abolition of crappy weather, or something like that. i'm sure if there was enough pressure, we could force washington to do something about cold, cloudy days. i heard of this project that got covered up in the '50's....

 i'm on the east coast. "global colding." nice.

West coast here...FREEZING!

I hate it.  At the moment I'm wearing a fuzzy pair of slipper socks and slippers, 3 pairs of fuzzy pj pants, 2 t-shirts with a flannel night shirt over them, my feather-filled winter coat, and a fuzzy robe.  Still as cold as can be!

I also hate it cause everytime I go to my car, it's frozen shut!  The locks are frozen over every morning so I can't unlock it, but then by time I get it unlocked I have to pull and pull to get it open.  THEN once I get it open, there's so much ice buildup or something that I can't shut the door!!!  It's so frustrating!

It takes me like, 30 minutes to get it going and get on my way to school =\

I have to scrape off tons of ice too so my hands are frozen and I can't drive for a while either...dumb manual car =P

i feel like i havent been warm in weeks... yesterday i wrapped on blanky around the shoulders and my hands then piled under the down comforter wearing 2 sweaters, sweatpants and socks and i was STILL cold.  ugh.

its cold enough in my house that im not even sweating when i work out lol.  at least thats something good...

 and walking? today? in heels?  on the ice that is everywhere from the snow? um im so gonna kill myself... im terrified of being the fat girl that slips and goes boom!  (mostly cuz i usually do, im a terrific clutz).

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In Michigan freezing with you!
I am soooo with you. Just to have my flip flops back out would be great!!!! I hate winter and the cold! I am in ohio...and well our weather sucks!
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I'm in Boston.

I like winter.

I mean, I like winter...I think it's kinda pretty (when it's light out) and I love listening to the rain, and seeing it snow.


And I'm not a fan of having my hair rained on =\

I hate being hot too though so...maybe I'm just too picky =P
I HATE the cold! There is nothing at all about winter that appeals to me. I used to like winter just because that meant snow breaks, but now I am in college and the professors truly don't give a crap if it is snowing or not. There is officially NOTHING good about winter!

Unfortunately, I know what you mean. But I'm such a wimp when it comes to cold weather (I live in California, and it's been sunny at least once a week).  And it doesn't help that my dad likes to keep the house at 60 degrees or lower. Yell


I'm just counting down the days till it's warm again and I can wear my t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops in comfort.

I can deal with cold but I hate constantly grey days.  I'm from California and have been living in England for two years and I HATE IT.  The winter here sucks, and even our summer here sucked.  It's dark super early (4pm) which makes it even worse as you feel you didn't get any daylight.

Thankfully I'm moving back home to San Francisco in 5 months!  I'll take the lovely fog of SF over this crap anyday!

I am really sick of winter too. I live in NH and there's another 2 months of it!! I can only take maybe 1 month of it, thats it. My mom lives in Florida. We might go see her hopefully!!
I'm sick of winter too! I'm in Green Bay and it -6 right now :(
I hear you guys!!  I just hate the cold, freezing weather! I hate having to warm up my car like 4 times before I head out! I hate the dry skin,  bad drivers.. etc :) oh well  just another winter day in chIcago!
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Winter does suck.  I like it for about a month (through Christmas), and then I'm DONE. 

It's actually not so bad if it's around 30 degrees with some nice light snow.  But this -10 crap has got to go!  I am chilled to the bone and it's impossible for me to warm up!

Don't move to South Dakota!  :)
Eh, we need more snow here.  We got about an inch yesterday, but I can't really make any cool snow forts out of a measly inch of snow.
Try living in Northern MN.  We have had -20 to -35 below zero every night for the last week with windchills of -40 to -60.   
Yeah, I'm in Syracuse and it's a balmy 23 degrees today ~ but the sun is out :)

I don't mind the cold so much as long as my house is warm ~ but the dryness is what is driving me nuts! I feel like I can't drink enough water or use enough lotion, my scalp is super dry and itchy - just like the rest of my skin; my hair feels extra "crinkly" and I'm getting little static shocks all the time! XP 

...did I mention the mountains of lipbalm? Thankfully it doesn't have too many calories ; )
I'm in Columbus Ohio...which "boasts" the highest number gray/gloomy skies in the winter.  I hate it too!  The weather makes me a bit gloomy.  I am normally a happy person, but during Jan, Feb, and half of March I get a bit sad.  :(

I can't wait till spring, when I am my normal happy self!
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