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My hair is thin. I used to have a head full of thick hair, but now a ponytail looks pathetic.

Backstory: I couldn't figure out what the problem was until I realized I was losing the most hair during my shower (brushing my hair, running my fingers through it did not result in hair loss). I remembered back in college I had borrowed my roommates shampoo (Pantene). Same thing happened. Hair came out in gobs.

Yesterday: Worried that I would soon be as bald as my hubby, I did some looking on the internets. Seems a lot of people are having the same problem. Site after site suggested organic shampoo. I went to Duane Reade and spent $15 on organic shampoo and conditioner. It promised to make my hair tingle. So excited.

This morning: Holy crap! My hair is literally squeaky clean. I feel like a f&^*%$# infomercial, but this is the best my hair has felt in years. It's baby soft. There was less hair in the drain and yes, it tingled. 

Long story short: Throw away your non-organic shampoo and conditioner and get yourself the organic stuff. Having only tried one brand so far, I don't think recommending one in particular is fair for me to do.

Has anyone else found organic brands they like?

What about having shampoo that made their hair fall out? I'm curious to know how many other people this has happened to.

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never happened to me and I think I would flip out. I use john frieda/blonde.

I've used organics in the past, can't remember the name - but it made my hair very coarse (which it is already) and one big floofy mess.

My hair used to fall out like crazy, so I just stopped using shampoo...
Now I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean my hair, and it's never felt or looked better :)
I know it sounds gross, but it works for me :)

FYI: Pantene is horrible for your hair. That's probably your problem. I use John Frieda in the US and Korean brand in Korea and haven't had any hair problems. If I use Pantene, I have more hair loss than normal.

Pantene sucks. Yell

Before buying my new stuff, I was using Garnier Fructis. It made my hair feel really soft and shiny, but it also made it fall out. 

Anyone know if my hair will grow back? Cry

I agree on both Pantene and Garnier Fructis sucking.

They leave a buildup waxyness on my hair! GROSS! I think initially the waxy is what makes it "shine" but long term it is just awful build up!

However I've never actually noticed more or less hair loss with shampoos - but thinking back on it - perhaps I did... The hair used to tangle in my fingers and I haven't really had that problem lately with my current salon purchased shampoo.

Currently using a shampoo Schw.... can't remember how to spell it moisture shampoo (and no conditioner since my hair is almost TOO healthy and not dyed).

I have also used Aveda in the past (which I believe is all organic)

I've been somewhat sold though on the expensive non-drug store shampoos being worthwhile. 

i think some hair falling out is normal

yep - up to 120 strands a day

i have never heard of a shampoo causing hair loss

i have heard of a shampoo causing unmanageable, dry, or residue-ridden hair

Origins has a good clarifying shampoo to use every so often, once a month maybe, to get residue off your hair, but if you use it every day it will strip your hair and you'll end up with broken, dull, damaged hair

Thanks for responding. Yeah, I know that some hair loss is normal, but I was digging big clumps of hair out of the drain every time I showered. It wasn't just breakage either, but hair straight from the root! 

First time using the organic brand (Giovanni if anyone is interested) there was a noticeable difference in the amount of hair I was left holding after washing it. Could just be the fact that I changed up my routine, but I don't think I'll be going back to my regular shampoo anytime soon.

I've heard of Origins before, but never tried it. The Giovanni shampoo I now have is clarifying, but safe for everyday use. This should eliminate the need for an additional product to strip the gunk out of my hair left over from washing. Fingers crossed Laughing

Original Post by aggatho:

My hair used to fall out like crazy, so I just stopped using shampoo...
Now I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean my hair, and it's never felt or looked better :)
I know it sounds gross, but it works for me :)

Yep.... pretty amazing what these two products can do!

If you can't tolerate the smell of vinegar, try adding about a 1/4 cup of baking soda with your normal shampoo.  It really beefs up the results.

At times when I felt my hair might be overprocessed (gotta' cover the gray!!!), I'll sometimes use baby shampoo. 

my mom has super thin hair..

she uses this oo.htm

I use Burt's Bees shampoo, I wuv it.

I am a hairstylist and while I agree Organic is great and all, that is not what saved your hair. Sulfates and detergents can strip natural oils and damage hair. Most brands now are eliminating these agents from their products.

Pantene specifically uses wax (similair to that found in floor wax) to coat the hair and give the illusion of shiny, healthy hair. What it really does is coat the hair and build up, eventually causing breakage. Many other over the counter products do the same thing. Some hair can tolerate it better than others. Tresseme is probably the least damning product. They have kept a very salon similair formula.

Using a proper PH balanced shampoo for your hair type and taking into account chemical processes done to the hair will yield the best shampoo. I also highly recommend salon quality products, and NO Walgreen's, not carry them. These products are old, black market, knock-offs or weakened formulas. I also recommend a clarifying treatment every so often to reduce product build up and environmental build up.

I myself use Loreal Professional Volume Expand Shampoo and Conditioner and love it. I also am a fan of Paul Mitchell, Biolage and Enjoy products. They don't all work on my hair, but are excellent for some of my clients. I myself swore by Big Sexy styling products, but alas they are going commercial and formulas will change.

Just my 2 cents.

Pantene makes me lose gobs of hair too.  I also know another person this happened to.  Just Pantene though.  Other sulfate shampoos that are full of the same kind of stuff Pantene is full of didn't cause a dramatic increase in shedding.

I just make my own.

Weird, I have sort of the same problem, I guess, but I've never really thought much about it because I have really thick hair, so I guess I just thought it was normal?

I use Herbal Essences, and after I put the conditioner in, I run my fingers thru my hair to distribute it evenly, and pretty big gobs of hair come out, but I just always figured it was just dead hair that would have fallen out when I brushed it anyway? I've never looked at the ingredients on my shampoo, honestly. I have Kerestase shampoo and conditioner that I use sometimes, but it's so damn expensive that I don't like to use it all the time. 

I also have really frizzy hair, cause it's so thick, and the Herbal Essences seems to work pretty well for me. Maybe I'll have to try organic and see if it makes a difference....

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I just started using this organic hair product (well 99% organic) called Esencia by Samy. It's been working pretty good.

My hair falls out in clumps in the shower regardless of what I use, but I have tons of hair still! I've also used Fructis in the past and loved it...I never noticed more hair falling out than usual.

That's scary that so many people have complaints about Pantene causing hair loss!

I was having that problem with regular shampoo too, so I looked around and found that some doctors recommend baby shampoo for patients losing a lot of hair.  I switched to baby shampoo, and it seems to help.  More than not losing the hair though, my hair is a lot less dry than it used to be, which is nice.  Baby shampoo only costs $1.50 so that is wonderful also.

Original Post by bdasko:

I just make my own.

 Really?  What do you do?

I can't even cook, so the idea of making my own shampoo scares me! Surprised

Shill: Thanks for your two cents! It's good to hear from someone who really knows hair and the damage chemicals can do. 

Day two of my organic shampoo/conditioner regiment and I have to say that I'm now back to the normal hair loss one expects from a shower. I like the idea of using baby shampoo/condioner too (especially because of the price). 

I guess I should have checked the ingredients in my hair products a long time ago. I've been focusing so much on what I'm putting into my body, that I overlooked what I was putting on the outside.

Here's a website that might help you in the future Jkc.  Skin Deep

Original Post by sharpshootinstar:

Original Post by bdasko:

I just make my own.

 Really?  What do you do?

 Lots of different things :)  I used to own a skincare company though so I have the equipment and knowhow to formulate lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

I'll give you a couple of suppliers though, their websites have a lot of good information about formulating.

A good forum for this is



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