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sexy lingerie for flabby belly

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after asking about your sex lives, another question regarding sexual issues again but this time not for me but for my mom.

 She is 60, around 5 foot and weights now 160 lbs. she went down from 180. she is really petite- very small frame and has big arms, big boobs, big belly and thinner legs and hips. she really has a flabby tummy.

I am trying to get her to buy some lingerie to make her feel sexy again, because for the past 20 years she has been struggling both with kids and weight and that has really made her feeling not sexy at all.

what would you wear as an underwear that could hide the flabby belly and at the same time be sexy and no need to take it off?

many thanks!

She is kind of conservative.
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Corset all the way! They also have under-bust corsets if she wants the girls free for any "activities" (sorry, I know she's your mom :-D )

Also, while I'M not a fan of them because I like my stuff tight, Teddies are a good way of wearing lingerie without showing off your stomach.

For the bottom (and "conservative" side of things), the lacy boyshorts are VERY cute and VERY sexy and make anyone's tush look great :)
That's very sweet of you to do that for your mom.  Perhaps a pampering at a spa might be a good gift to go with it?

I would recommend a silky, short night gown with low cleavage.  After I had my c-section, I was feeling pretty frumpy and this worked well.  Not too revealing so that I thought my jiggles were poking out.  One that has a nice little matching robe would be nice, if she's feeling uncomfortable about her arms too. 

Good Luck - she's worth it!
... and I'm sorry andrea - boy shorts DO NOT look good on everyone.  I have a similar body type as daneila's mom and they just accentuate the gut, IMHO.  ;)
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ooh no boy shorts for anyone with a flabby tummy... I have one, and they just make me look worse... hello muffin top!

Anyway...   I like the baby doll/cami things...

try this website...  they have all sizes, and some very simple things, that are sexy...   they're pretty cheap too...

You could go with a sheer baby doll style, with matching panties... sexy and simple..

good luck!
I'll have to agree with caeribaeri about the spa... I'm not sure if "forcing" lingerie on your mom is a good idea.

Have you checked with her and how she feels about the idea?

Lingerie and/or spa?  

Sexiness doesn't just come from lingerie one wears true sexy comes from within.

Even for myself and I'm 26 years old lingerie is more depressing than helping me feel sexy, I'd rather be but naked with my man and.... but I digress.

I'm not sure about boyshorts never tried them on.
Good thing the tush is in the back and not the front then :-P (And OK, not EVERYONE'S butt looks good in them, but they'd be better than a thong on someone who doesn't have a nice butt to begin with).

Plus, the point of the corset is to hold in the gut.

They do have some really nice gowns out there though, good idea.
I'm 50 and some one suggested the silky nighty. w/ short sleeves or with straps with matching robes , knee length. Some show clevage some don't. You can get inexpensive one at walmart and any dept. store.   Pretty colors . They look good because they aren't tight on us, but still sexy with out looking silly. Your sweet for doing this for mom.  As far as Undies, If she has a belly alot of the low cut one will be uncomfortable or roll.  Pretty color briefs would probably fit best.
thanks a lot for your feedback. I was also thinking something like a silky night gown or a corset. one problem is what size? I know that before she wore a 38 dd, or sometimes 38d, but now that she has lost weight what size shall I get her? XL? XXL? L? would it be nice to show cleavage? her breasts are also a bit shaggy (but I find them really nice for her age and size!). 

sabine, she really does not want to be naked in front of my dad! that's for sure; we have talked about it alot. i know that her problem is to hide her not-so nice parts (i.e belly) and the reason that she doesn't want to have sex or any sexual relationship with my dad is because of her body, thus I think that nice underwear that she will not need to take off immediately would boost her self-esteem! she will be visiting me in about a week, (we live in different countries) thus I would like to have bought her already the appropriate lingerie!  
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ask her what size she wears... then look at the size charts wherever your purchase the lingerie
Most corsets are sized by the band size, so no cups involved if you go that route.
If it's any help I'm a 38d and wear a XL.  I don't know what a 38dd would wear.
Definitely baby dolls with a longer top which will hide the belly...I know she's your mom, but if the top is lower cut, then breasts can pop out the top while taking the bottoms off.

Also, some teddies fasten at the bottom...if you're in a hurry, you just get to the important stuff and leave the decorations in place.

Personally I like Victoria's Secret for sexy but not too slutty...some items have sleeves to hide flabby arms.

Ahem, at her age, you might also consider purchasing some lubricant...check out for a nice discreet brown box that shows up on  your doorstep or the local drug store for kama sutra oil.
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