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What is the sexiest kind of facial feature? Men & Women

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the title says it all... It seems that sometimes even when someone is "hot" they just don't have that extra little spark to set you off.... what is it for you?

For one, I love eyes that have an intensity in them, but have maybe thick lashes... mmm mmm

 I also love the body (I'm sure you do too hee hee)... but for this thread, STRICTLY THE FACE

(cause if we talked about the whole body... damn!)

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Eyes, and the shape of the lips.  I like really intense eyes with dark eyebrows.

Well, I'm an oddball, but I like prominent, sharp noses. Like Justin Timberlake, he's got a great nose.

I like eyes, and I like a well-defined jaw.
...teeth.  I will melt when I see a nice clean set of white teeth.   I'm also into "fit", to me, that's a sign of good personal health. 
Im a sucker for crystal blue eyes. I also love a great set of full lips.

eyes, jaw... kissable lips but not like the lips JD on scrubs has, his lips make me cringe.  i think the eyes are the most important tho...


i love a bit of scruff too :)  mmm 5 o'clock shadow.... 

Eyes, but not necessarily "intense" eyes. I used to go for the dark, brooding type in my 20s. But nowadays, I prefer eyes that are smiling, open, friendly.

Since I'm in my 40s, I'll add that I look for smile lines on the face instead of frown lines. That tells me the person has made a lifetime habit of being happy. My DH has the most gorgeous green eyes EVER ... and copious smile lines to go with them. :-)

Mouth would be next... and again, I go for mouths that smile a lot. A mouth that says "Witty comments come out of these lips all the time - let me make you laugh!"
I like eyes. Happy looking bright eyes or deep soulful puppy eyes.

A kick ass facial scar is great, too. My husband has one right by his ear and I just love it.
Scruffy faces that tickle you awake in the morning when the boy kisses you good bye.
A nice big beard. My boyfriend has the ability to grow an awesome beard and its amazing. I think its absolutely hot haha
Eyes and lips all the way.
an amused expression

Oh and one more...


The 'O' face.




How often do you get that face again?
Original Post by schnooder:

A nice big beard. My boyfriend has the ability to grow an awesome beard and its amazing. I think its absolutely hot haha

 Sounds like a friend of mine, his beard grows like a weed! Right now it's a big biker looking beard, unfortunately I don't think it's quite so hot :P

I never really paid attention to what facial features I like, I guess nice eyes and cute smile like most people said.

Original Post by cellulitedelight:

How often do you get that face again?

 All the time, just don't tell my SO!

cstefan could you be a little more specific about the lips? Do you mean big full lips???
Not TOO full, but fuller kind of pouty. Angelina Jolie is an example of too much, Jessica alba would be a good example. I just want to give a lip like that a little bite before I kiss em!
I guess me and my chicken lips are screwed then...

Hey hey don't be too quick to judge! It doesn't look like your pic is in your profile!
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