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What to send a soldier in Iraq?

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My friend is in Iraq and I want to send him care packages. I know I can't send alcohol or porn, but I have no idea what I can/ should send him.

Anybody have any suggestions?
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some stuff that is meaningful...

Hershy kisses or/and hugs, something small that he can carry with him that is ingraved that has either somthing that is between u two or something pictures, or a photo album.  Some magazines.  Candies,something from home!  a book, a new towel...a new pillow case, pics of the of you and of things he misses, his place,his car, his clothes....a fav restuant.  drink mixes, like crystal lite....umm i dunno ill post as I think...believe me you could send him an old sock and he would be happy...a newspaper....soft toilet paper... MY THANKS! 

Keep us posted
I used to send care packages to soldiers in the late 1990s (when I was in high school) and here are some of the things that most guys requested:

chapstick (like carmex), razors, men's magazines like Men's Fitness, DVD movies or music CDs (if you know that they like), non-perishable food goodies like granola bars, Cheetos or other chips, candies (preferably stuff that won't melt if the package gets hot), toothbrushes and toothpaste, sunscreen (be sure to put pastes or liquids in ziploc baggies incase they leak) and even a small stuffed animal, like a beanie baby.  Oh, and stationery & envelopes so they can write their family, friends, and maybe even you. (no need to send stamps - postage for military is free.  Whatever they can't use, they'll share with their friends or they may even give to the local children.

Here's a good website with more ideas.

And, be sure to ask him what kind of stuff he wants.  :)
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My Nephew is in Iraq and here are some of the things he requests.  He is on base for most of the time, so he may want things that soldiers who are out in the field most of the time aren't able to carry with them.

Single serving mac & cheese, & hamburger helper. . . the microwaveable kinds.  Canned meats - no pork; candy.  After summer don't send chocolate, but should be ok right now.  Drink mixes, pudding cups, cookies, crackers,  Velveeta cheese, rotel, chips, gum, mints, jerky.

Non food items:  magazines, books, DVD's, CD's, hand sanitizer, personal hygiene items (whatever his favorites are), sun screen, chapstick, One of his favorite things is tapes of his favorite local radio station.  Maybe be a week or so out of date, but he'll hear some local news, weather, as well as his favorite DJ and music.

Try using prepaid boxes to mail in.  They are only around $8.00 and you'll be amazed at how much stuff you can get into one.  You can pick one up at your local post office.

Believe me, he'll love anything from home, and what he doesn't like, he'll pass on to his buddies.
Thanks so much for all the suggestions!
I'm pretty sure my brother-in-law who is over there was complaining about porn being illegal... so that may be a bad thing to send. I'm also pretty sure there is plenty of alcohol over there.

I think things that would remind him of home would be best. Photos, a nice letter, and just little things like that.
my fiance is in iraq.  right now is a bad time to send chocolate b/c it's so hot over there it melts.  i made him jar cakes, and he LOVED it.  you take mason jars, and a box of cake mix put a cup of the cake mix in the jars bake them, and in the box send a tub of icing, and plastic forks, spoons, knives and paper plates. 

and porn is illegal, but they hide it.

same with liquor....

my fiance loves baby wipes b/c they keep the bugs off or something, and when they don't have time to properly clean he uses them. 

also he likes getting newspapers from home, so he can read the local stories of what is going on.....PM me if you need more ideas

Kim Komando has a list to send the soldiers.  Click the link and then just scroll down a bit.  This is one of her personal missions.
I was scanning really quick, so it might have been on someones list but a deck of cards or some small "travel" games to help pass the time. 
My cousin was stationed in both Iraq and Afganistan.  He always wanted me to send him peanut butter & paperback books.
Let me add this:  My husband was in the Army for over 21 years and got back from Iraq last year. 

While some soldiers do have/hide porn/alcochol, it can and does mean serious trouble if they are caught with it.  My husband, as a Senior NCO, had to preside with a few of his guys during Article 15's for both of these things. Some commmanders are more lax, some are VERY strict.  Packages are also sometimes opened at the mail depot there, so my advice is, do not send anything that may get him into trouble.

Hallie gave good advice. Big trouble if a soldier is caught with pork,porn or alcohol. Be very careful what you don't cosider porn might have a different interpretation over there. Forget about sending any of those scantily dressed and drinking pictures from your My Space

My brother was in Iraq for 2 tours.  I know he always wanted ciggs (bad I know but that was what he wanted), books, baby wipes and t-paper. Wouldn't send anything like chips or crackers they will get broken.  And pictures my brother loved getting pics of family. 

I've got family and friends over. They like getting dvds (like everyone else said... no porn), q-tips, baby wipes, cookies, etc. 

My wonderful DH has been deployed five times to Iraq ... so far! (He just got back a few weeks ago.)

  • Slim Jims, Beef Jerky
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Magazines (Cars, Popular Science, whatever he likes)
  • Chap stick
  • Luna bars
  • Doritos, Fritos, Cheetoes (also known as "eatos")
  • salsa and tabasco sauce
  • "good" bubblegum
  • insect repellent wipes
  • calling cards
  • hand held games
  • posters, pretty calendars
  • DVDs and CDs

Send personal stuff to those you know, like books, magazines, t-shirts.  Also:

Send seperate care packages of food items and non-food items





Large Flea collar (for their ankles.)

Music CDs

Movie DVDs (no porn - it's illegal)


Silly String

Phone calling cards, stationary, envelopes

Unscented baby wipes

eye drops ( the sand is tough), even ear drops help, trial size shampoo

Toilet Paper





non-chocolate candies, hard candies (Lifesavers are good),

Individual powder mixes for water (Kool-aid, teas, ...)

Coffee, sugar, and creamer

Ramon noodles, Single serving mac & cheese

Slim jims, beef jerky, gummi bears, jolly ranchers, granola bars, power bars


Do you happen to know what conditions are like where he's stationed?

When my friend was over there he asked for books, magazines and CDs, but said that they didn't have a DvD player so there was no point in sending them.  Otherwise most of what he wanted were easy to carry snacks that don't go bad and personal hygene stuff (like all the stuff listed above)

Thank you so much for sending care packages to our men overseas.

My friend said that candy always goes over well, but chocolate melts in the summer so be careful, we sent giant bags of 'Belly Flops' which are Jelly Belly's that either stuck together or came out a wierd shape, they're cheap and they won't melt, we sent off 5lbs last month and she said they went over great!


Original Post by sarah_11235:
 I'm also pretty sure there is plenty of alcohol over there.

Not quite. Alcohol is illegal in Iraq. 

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