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Secret Service Code Names

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Barack Obama:  "Renegade"

Michelle Obama: "Renaissance"

Malia Obama:"Radiance"

Sasha Obama:"Rosebud"

(I thought "Rosebud" was cute.)

What would yours be?  (There's a game, but come up with one on your own!)

I'll go with the game suggestion of "Cameo."  Tongue out

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According to the game, I'm Riddler.....sweet.

I'll go with Dangerous Dan (my dad used to call me that because I wouldn't use a soother, I used table legs, chair legs & people legs when teething).

Original Post by kathygator:

Well it certainly seems that each of the protected family members gets a name beginning with the same letters and all following a wonders what Cindy McCain's would have been, if John's was Viagra...

 The McCains did have code names before the election. John McCain was Phoenix and Cindy was Parasol, according to Wikipedia.

Original Post by phylbean:

I'll go with "Brillo."

 Well, I'm not going to ask why...but that's a hoot!!


Woo! The game gave me "Snapshot." It sounds so glamorous, Ill take it Laughing

Radiance and Rosebud are really cute names for the girls.

The game gave me "Foxcraft." That's kinda nice.

If I could make up one, it would be "Pumpkinhead."

Original Post by phylbean:

I'll go with "Brillo."

OK, I told my husband my Secret Service code name and he didn't get it.  I told him, "You know, abrasive?  Brillo pads?"  (rolls eyes)

Anyway, I came up with corresponding SSCNs for the rest of my family:

Husband:  Bedlam (Goes to both his personality and his profession--psychologist)

Daughter:  Brilliance ("Blossom" was just too Power Puff Girls)

Oldest son:  Bolt (He's totally into robots)

Toddler son:  Baby's breath (Do I really need to explain this one?)

Cat:  Barf (Does the first cat even get a Secret Service name?)

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